Reviews for Alan Briker, M.D.


Always have your health concerns as a top priority.

   — John Albanese


Thanks Dr. Briker for setting me straight on the new guidelines for having a colonoscopy.

   — Don Brady


I have been going to Dr. Briker for about 40 years. He has always performed as well as I could have hoped. He is also personable, pleasant, and easy to deal with. He has also occasionally referred me to specialists when he felt that was a good idea. What more could I want?

   — John A. Fabian


I. trust Dr. Briker. He listens and makes good decisions regarding my health. Dr. Briker has a comforting manner. I look forward to my visits.

   — Laurence DeCaro


In all the many years that we have been fortunate to be patients of Dr Briker he has always cared for our family in every possible way. Should we require a specialist in any given medical field (and there have been many over time) he has never failed us. Most importantly, he is extremely competent and above all he is kind and treats his patients with respect.

   — Janice Harrison


Very thorough and explains everything

   — Lawrence Cafasso


I have been going to Dr. Briker for over 20 years and he is my favorite doctor. I have had quite a few doctors before Dr. Briker and no one compares to him. He is very thorough and his personality is phenomenal! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a knowledgeable doctor. My #1 choice.

   — Daniel Seabert


A no nonsense doctor. Dr. Briker takes your health care seriously. Thank you Dr. Briker

   — David Ackerman


Dr Briker has been my primary care physician for about forty years. I feel that he is practical and conservative in his treatment. He does not go overboard with unnecessary tests; however, if he suspects something that may be serious he takes immediate action.

   — John Grisoni


I have been a patient of Dr. Briker for 35 years. In addition to his own care he provided quality referrals to specialists in neurology, cardiology, nephrology, hematology, etcetera.

   — Eric Kaufman


Sane and sensible advice for over 50 years. completely trustworthy , complete confidence in his advice.

   — Joseph Ippolito


I’ve known Dr Briker for about forty years. He has always been on top of my medical care. He does not go crazy with unnecessary tests and meds. But when he sees something that concerns him, he hops on it. If he feels that another doctor should be involved, he takes care of it and interfaces with that doctor. We seem to be on the same plane when it comes my medical care, and that’s important to me.

   — John F Grisoni


There is no other place to look in Bergen County for a Dr. of Internal Medicine/GP. This has wisdom, experience and is up to date with the latest in medicine and healthcare. You will not be sorry!

   — Tony

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