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If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart problems, I want to work closely with the other healthcare providers on your medical team. As a physician, I know that many diseases have no symptoms, or only mild symptoms until they are well advanced. My goal is to help my patients understand their bodies’ signals and get treatment early when it can be most effective.

Our focus is always on the whole person whom we treat with care and compassion.

From S. Chrisomalis:

“All doctors should be like Dr. Ali.”

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Featured Reviews



This was my first visit with Dr. Ali. She was recommended by a family member. She was thorough, asked the right questions and issued me a script for physical therapy.

   — Barbara Schiro


She is very thoroughly examining the patients.

   — Bashir Shaikh


She is one of the best doctors there is.

   — Marie P


Excellent visit, as usual with Dr. Ali

   — Camille Burns


Dr. Ali has been my primary for the past 5.5 years. She and her staff are extremely professional and caring. They put me at ease from the moment I walked into the waiting room. Dr. Ali takes her time and really listens to you. Highly recommend.

   — Caroline Senekeremian


A doctor who cares and listens to my medical issues. Prescribed a medication that has greatly improved my condition.

   — Maryann Colina

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