Amy Ali, M.D.

Amy Ali, M.D.
4.9 out of 5 

"Caring about my patients goes hand-in-hand with caring for my patients."

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452 Old Hook Rd., 1st FL
Emerson, NJ 07630
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If you have a chronic condition such as diabetes or heart problems, I want to work closely with the other healthcare providers on your medical team. As a physician, I know that many diseases have no symptoms, or only mild symptoms until they are well advanced. My goal is to help my patients understand their bodies’ signals and get treatment early when it can be most effective.

Our focus is always on the whole person whom we treat with care and compassion.

From S. Chrisomalis:

“All doctors should be like Dr. Ali.”

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Featured Reviews



Dr. Ali has the best bedside manner! She's kind and caring and extremely professional and the staff is excellent too!

   — Deanna A.


Dr.Ali listens well and cares for her patients!She advises as she questions your concerns.She has been my physician for a few years,and I recommend her highly!

   — Elizabeth G


I have been seeing Dr. Ali since she started with the practice. Incredibly kind, thorough, patient and knowledgeable.

   — Doug


Knowledgeable ,personable, professional, and interested would describe Dr. Ali. I would highly recommend her to all patients. Visits never rushed , all questions answered. Her office staff was welcoming as well. If you are in need of an excellent internist, I suggest seeing Dr. Ali.

   — Peter P.


Absolutely love her! One of the best doctors I’ve ever had in any capacity. She is super sweet, friendly, calm, THOROUGH (will NOT rush you), and easy to talk to. She isn’t pushy and doesn’t make you feel bad or intimidated.l cannot say enough good things about her. Keep being awesome, Dr. Ali!

   — Meri Tuohey


A friend asked a few of us for a recommendation for a general practitioner and I recommended Dr. Ali. My friend choose her and was so very please.

   — June A Cafarella

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