Reviews for Crystal Broussard, M.D.

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I can not say enough good things about Dr. Broussard and my overall experience at the Emerson office. The office staff is generally pleasant and efficient. Dr. Broussard is compassionate, good listener and goes above and beyond to help you.

   — Kathleen Bentzen


It's obvious that Dr. Crystal Broussard loves what she does because she is very good at it. I can't thank her enough for the special, excellent care she has provided me and for the unique gift she is to her patients. I am blessed that she is my doctor.

   — Jazmine Oviedo


I have seen Dr. Broussard several times over the last ten years. I find her to be extremely thorough and kind. I have only seen her at the Emerson office so I'll speak to my experience there. Check-in and initial assessment is generally quick. After completing check-in, I generally wait 10-15 minutes to see the Dr. The Dr. comes out to get you herself and brings you to her office, where she talks to you to understand what is going on before bringing you in for an exam. I have had nothing but positive experiences both with the Emerson office staff and the Doctor.

   — K. Bentzen


Dr. Broussard is very thorough, friendly, excellent GI experience doctor, I have seen her for over 20 years.

   — J Chow


Dr. Broussard is a very knowledgeable and also very compassionate doctor.

   — Nurhan Becidyan


I made and excellent chose with Dr. Broussard. She has a kind and welcoming personality. I found her to be a good listener as well as a good explainer of the procedures you will be going through. She has an excellent staff and Lauri was with me from beginning to end as I went through my procedure. I couldn't have asked for more. This one's a keeper.

   — Janet Kroenke


My visit with Dr. Broussard was great. She is always friendly and she puts you at ease; My visit was a follow up to a procedure. Result was good and the information was relayed in a friendly manner. She always has a welcoming smile.

   — C Clarke


The staff went above and beyond, They ensured my needs were met, I was in and out in better time than expected. The level of care was outstanding.

   — Amy Allen


Dr. Broussard is friendly, warm and highly capable.

   — Marie Sullivan


I have seen Dr. .Brousssard for 10 years and she was the doctor who discovered my colon cancer and probably saved my life. She was very kind and compassionate and reassured me of a probably good outcome. Her follow-ups over the years only served to ward off a possible recurrence.

   — Thomas G. Vaubourg


I recently had my first visit with Dr. Broussard. She was highly recommended to me by my gynecologist. I'm scheduled to have my first colonoscopy with her soon. During the pre-visit, she made me feel very comfortable about the procedure. My husband is due for his colonoscopy as well, he will definitely get the procedure done by Dr. Broussard.

   — Crystal


I have been a patient of Dr. Broussard's for the past 6 years. She is very approachable, warm and makes you feel very comfortable. I highly recommend her - she's wonderful!

   — Nancy


Dr. Broussard was professional and also kind and friendly. She answered all my questions and asked if I had any other questions or concerns. She explained everything clearly and understandably. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a good GI doctor,.

   — Bernadette Janovic


Dr. Broussard is the best not only as a doctor but also as a person she is caring and compassionate

   — Thomas


Dr. Broussard is top notch in her field and highly regarded. I am thankful that I've found a Doctor that I trust.

   — Angela S


I have been treating with Dr Broussard for years. She is the Best.

   — Denisr


She was extremely knowledgable, kind a compassionate. She listened which so few physicians do anymore. She ordered tests and told me about treatment options. I was very impressed and agree with my siblings who referred me to her that she is one in a million.

   — Barbara C.

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