George S. Lin, M.D.

George S. Lin, M.D.
4.5 out of 5 
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466 Old Hook Road, Suite 26
Emerson, NJ 07630
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Dr. Lin serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Pascack Valley Medical Center.

Dr. Lin is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Critical Care Medicine, Pulmonary Disease,l and Sleep Medicine. 

Featured Reviews



Dr. Lin is the best!

   — Deborah


Excellent Dr. Listened to all my concerns and symptoms. Gave me the needed tests and rendered a needed diagnosis. Would recommend him for anyone with pulmonary problems.

   — Michael Gordon


Dr George Lin is a very knowledgeable, experienced, caring, attentive physician who spends time to explain my medical needs and conditions. I am very satisfied with the service he provides.

   — Gary M. Ascolese


Dr Lin is very good specialist. He the only dr who I met in course of my health problems who knew how to read and interpret CT and he did it right in front of me. I would trust him with any problem related to his specialty. He takes time to explain medical problems and does it in nice way. Office is very good too. All in all I hold dr Lin in high esteem and recommend him to anyone in need for this kind of pulmonologist.

   — Janina Filipowski


Dr Lin in the simplistic terms is outstanding. He takes a genuine interest not only in his specialty but your overall health. He is a truly a kind and wonderful Dr aside from being extremely knowledgeable. His Office Team is also courteous and professional. I highly recommend this Dr.

   — Dennis Flynn Sr


Required pre-surgical release. Dr. Lin has been my physician for many years, and I have no interest in changing. The office staff (all) are proficient, calming and attentive. Dr. Lin is an excellent physician who is highly knowledgeable in medicine as a whole and not just his specialty. Meetings are not rushed, and he explains the requirements (if any) and results in a manner that is well understood. I have recommended him to family and friends and will continue.

   — Victor R.

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