Reviews for Holly Doolittle Cullen, M.D.


Had a great experience with Dr. Cullen today - she was a great listener and answered all of my questions. Would highly recommend her to anyone with stomach issues!

   — Jessica Loren


Dr. Cullen is 5 Stars -She gets to know her patients and remembers them. -You can tell she has your best interest in heart, because she takes the time to really explain everything as many times as necessary. -She has alot of experience with IBD patients and not only finally diagnosed me, but provided the necessary biologic to get me into remission. (I had to take two before finding the right one). -Dr. Cullen is up with the latest technologies and replies back on the online portal usually in less then 24hrs. It saves so much time, not having to call in. -I wish my primary care doctor was as good as Dr. Cullen.

   — Keith


I'm so happy I found Dr Cullen. She is wonderful.

   — Stephani Kassis-Dikiy


Dr. Cullen performed my last 2 colonoscopies, the most recent was in April. She is a very attentive physician that listens to your concerns. Because my visit could have ended up with a much worse result she was very good at calming my nerves while still being very matter-of-fact. I would highly recommend her.

   — Merlemom


My husband and I would definitely recommend Dr. Cullen. She has been our Gastro Dr. for many years. Whenever we have an appointment with her she exhibits interest in what we say and she responds to our concerns and goes out of her way to help us. We trust her diagnostic ability and we have always been satisfied. She gives us all the time we need. She has performed procedures on us and successfully diagnosed our problems.

   — Inez And Nicholas Dubner


I've been a patient of Dr. Cullen's for many years. She diagnosed my colitis after visits to other doctors with no avail. She's easy to talk to and with her expertise, I feel like I have my colitis under control.

   — Robin Rudolph


she was so thorough and eased my anxiety’s. She’s super great with new patients and listened to all my concerns and explained things really well. I highly recommend her!

   — Bari


Dr. Cullen is a very knowledgeable physician. She is a polite and caring professional. She takes the time to listen to my concerns, answer my questions, and explain things.

   — Lisa V.


My visits with Doctor Cullen are on time and always thorough. There is never a feeling of being rushed which allows time for questions and a clear explanation and understanding of her examination and diagnosis.

   — J. Kansky


I have had many GI's in the past and I like Dr. Cullen and will be staying with her. She is frank, easy to understand and answers my questions. If you want a great GI, Dr. Cullen is the one for you.

   — L.


I would definately recommend Dr. Cullen to family and friends. She is very thorough and I never feel rushed. She exudes a confidence from having practiced for so many years..that from my first appointment I trusted her and it’s been 10 years now.

   — Suzanne Corbo


Dr. Cullen is great! I felt very comfortable speaking with her. She took the time to sincerely listen to me and she answered all my questions. Every office staff member who helped me was wonderful too

   — StephiKD


Dr. Cullen has been a fantastic doctor and I have been seeing her for many years now. After bouncing around to different doctors (some because of insurance, some because they weren't a match), Dr. Cullen is someone I fully trust and feel comfortable with. She has helped me get my ulcerative colitis under control and always takes the time to fully explain my treatment options or answer my questions. She has also helped ease my mind when certain treatments seemed daunting. Even though I've moved about 45 min away from her office, I still choose to see her because I know she'll give me the time and understanding to make informed decisions about my health.

   — CS


I've suffered from IBS and acid reflux for many years, have seen many doctors, who have prescribed many medications, to no avail. Dr. Cullen spent quality time with me, asked me many questions, explained a lot about my conditions, cut my medications, told me how to eat better (including giving me an invaluable fiber chart), and my health has greatly improved. She's knowledgeable, communicative, and very accessible.

   — LKBrown


Fantastic doctor. I had difficulty with my gut for over a year and after a few different doctors giving me the runaraound with diagnoses, she gave me a diagnosis after two tests and a month of being her patient. She's a great listener and was willing to fight for me to receive proper medication from my insurance company, who consistently denied her multiple requests. Made me feel welcome and comfortable despite the troubles I'll be having with my Crohn's Disease, and her nurses and the staff there in general are just so pleasant and extremely helpful!

   — Alyssa Less


Very thorough and a great listener.

   — Liz Smith


I have been going to Dr. Cullen for a long time. She is very professional and methodical. She is an excellent doctor both scientifically and personally and have recommended her to family members.

   — Wayne, NJ


Dr. Cullen is great, explains everything and answers all questions. Wait time vary from time to time but not too bad.

   — Vered Lev


I Love seeing Dr. Cullen. She takes as much time with you as you need, and answers all questions. I would recommend her to anyone!

   — Patricia Kelsch


Dr. Cullen, Was great! She spent a lot of time explaining my condition and reviewing options. Friendly and knowledgeable.

   — Wayne, NJ


Dr. Cullen is an incredible Doctor. I have had a problem for years and all the specialists I had seen previously couldn't find what was wrong. She is kind, patient, diligent, and brilliant. She took all the steps necessary to solve this problem for me and I am feeling so much better. I am very grateful and I definitely recommend her.

   — Allendale, NJ


A thorough, skilled and caring physician. Her office is efficient and well run.

   — Upland 1


Great doctor. Very straight forward and helpful. Will recommend to anyone with tummy issues.

   — Oleg Appassov

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