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Met Dr Sutera during an emergency visit in Pascack Valley Hospital. Had to have serious, scary surgery. She made it all seem very easy by comforting me, explaining everything in understanding terms, showing extreme compassion and performing flawless surgery. I highly recommend Dr Sutera. And I thank her, and her staff, for going above and beyond for me.

   — Kathleen NJ


dr sucera is wonderful. she is knowledgable and totally on target. I am so happy I have her as a physician. she is tops

   — Denise Wilder


Visited Dr. Sutera who's partner was recommended to me (he wasn't available). I went into my appointment uncertain about the Dr. but quickly became very comfortable in her ability to quickly assess and diagnose my case and discuss next steps. She was knowledgable, decisive, confident and forthcoming with her assessment, and took precautions to rule out anything else. (I didn't have an injury or feel pain, just some discomfort, but my foot pad was completely swollen and surrounding area purple and discolored). I had x-rays done right there in the building, and she reviewed those results with me immediately, providing next steps clearly. She was easy to talk with and answered every question. I would totally recommend her based on my 1st visit.

   — Mary L


Dr. Sutera and her staff were thoughtful and welcoming. She took the time to listen to me and she also explained her plan of action. She made me relieved that I was getting help and it felt like a safe space. I’m happy to have gone to her office and I wish I had done it sooner.

   — Patient Blue


Caring and competent

   — Herb


Dr. Sutera checks my feet and performs a cutting of my toenails on a regular schedule as I am a type-2 diabetgic. The doctor is friendsly and professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Sutera.

   — My Visit With Dr, Sutera.


I have been going to Dr. Sutera for a number of years. As a diabetic, I need to make sure I see her on a regular basis. Dr. Sutera is professional as well as compassionate and never rushes patients even when the office is busy. I have complete confidence in her care.

   — Susan B


Dr. Sutera is very compassionate, very welcoming, attentive and very knowledgeable in her craft. I would definitely recommend her.

   — H. Trias


I must say that Dr. Sutera is an excellent podiatrist. She is very compassionate, very welcoming, attentive and very knowledgeable in her craft. For me, she is my savior. Without her treatment and continuous support, I will not be able to work and support my family. I would definitely recommend her. Thank you, Dr. Sutera!

   — Helga Trias


Dr. Sutera is a friendly, compassionate and extremely competent podiatrist. she listen to my concerns and helped deal with my infected toe without removing the toenail.

   — Michael Starr


Dr. Sutera is a caring and professionally competent podiatrist.

   — Douglas Stratton


Very knowledgeable podiatrist

   — Linda Kalish


Always please with results of appointments with Dr. Sutera - she and her staff are fabulous.

   — Marian J Piehler


The entire staff was friendly and efficient. Loved Dr. Sutera, she was so easy to talk to.

   — CM


Dr Sutera took her time to listen to my issues and concerns. She made me feel like I was her number one priority. I would recommend everyone to see her for your podiatry needs!

   — Charmaine Loveless


Informative great deal of care professional and personable

   — Linda Walker


Pleasant. Office and. Staff

   — Al


I would recommend Dr. Sutera. She explains things in terms that are easy to understand. I was recommended by a friend, and I am happy that I made my appointment. I was able to set up an appointment in the near-term (no long waits), and I didn't have a long wait in the office, either.

   — Kathy


I have visited Dr. Sutera on two occasions for a painful ingrown toenail. She provided excellent care with a professional, friendly and calming demeanor. On both occasions I experienced immediate relief.

   — Gary Schwinder


Great experience with Dr. Sutera. Very personable and knowledge. I go for diabetic care-very thorough. Highly recommend her. Her staff is also excellent. Didn't rush and listened to my concerns.

   — Lisa H.


Dr. Sutera and her excellent staff were super efficient, kind, professional and knowledgeable.

   — Jane Lence


Miss Sutera is kind and friendly. i would definitely recommend her!

   — Kevin Danlasky


Dr. Sutera embodies everthing that we hope to find in a physican. In my mother's latest visit, Dr. Sutera was able to put my mother at ease treating her with kindness and patience. Dr. Sutera is an excellent listener as well as clinician, and my mother and I both left the appointment so impressed with Dr. Sutera's treatment as well as her plan for treatment going forward. This was our first visit, and we hope that we can encourage others to put their trust in her as well.

   — Bean


Dr Sutera was professional, friendly and took the time to explain everything to make me feel at ease. I felt very comfortable with her and feel I’m in good hands.

   — Marie


Dr. Sutera is so great. She is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough in her examinations, explanation of issues, procedures, and care post op. My cousin referred me to her and I couldn't be happier with my treatment. Dr. Sutera has a very relatable personality and is great at communicating after procedures. I've been to several podiatrists and none compare.

   — Erin Donovan


Dr. Sutera is an excellent doctor and takes the time to listen to your concerns. She is extremely knowledgeable and explains all treatment options. She is gentle with treatment and puts you at ease.

   — Sarah D.


Best podiatrist I ever had. Compassionate, caring.and so much more. My visits with Dr. Sutera are always delightful.

   — Maria Ponzo


Dr. Sutera is awesome! She knows her stuff and is pleasant and congenial. Highly recommend!!

   — BobL


Friendly professional and prompt service.

   — Fabienne Ryan


Sending a big shout out to Dr. Sutera and her team. Would highly recommend -- great bedside manner, compassionate, and I must say empathetic to my plight. Also, her staff works very well with the patients. Am extremely happy to be a patient member!

   — Yvonne W.


Dr. Sutera is absolutely amazing! I've had to visit her twice and each time she has been able to quickly diagnose the issues I was having with my left foot. Aside from her wonderful skills as a doctor, she has an impeccable bedside manner, makes sure to listen thoroughly, and goes over every possible detail to ensure you're leaving with full knowledge about what's going on with your body. Thanks to Dr. Sutera, I've had better practices and knowledge when it comes to how to care and prevent injury to my feet as an athlete.

   — Sarah C.


Dr Sutera was very friendly and listened to my concerns. The fact she has suffered the same ailment as myself was a plus... I think i was expecting an ulra sound scan to check my tendon as it is something you would tend to routinely have in Europe... Next time as i unfortunately have to go back

   — Agnes


Clean friendly very knowledgeable great bedside manners

   — Akiva H


Very friendly and concerned with her patients' health.

   — Andrew G

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