Reviews for Janelle Yee, M.D.

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Dr Yee iss very personable and cars about my health. I recommended her to someone else.

   — Pamela Wiss


Dr Yee is wonderful. She responds in a timely manner and truly listens

   — Carolyn Schmelz


AMAZING!!! First visit we sat and spoke about my Type 2 Diabetes for 35 - 40 minutes and explained things I was never aware of @lthough I have had diabetes for years. She speaks in a manner that is both easily understandable and eye-opening. I’d recommend her in a heartbeat….

   — Vic Robbins


Dr. Yee is the nicest doctor! She makes me feel at ease abut dealing with my diabetes and she takes the time to spend with her patients and really cares about them. She has made it easy to deal with my diabetes and treat it and most importantly, CONTROL it. Thank You Dr. Yee!!!!

   — Lisa G


Dr Jee is great. Very patient, and pragmatic.

   — Angela Schwers


Dr. Yee is a doctor who listen and cares about your health. Soon as I learned I was Dietetic and was upset , she made me feel confident that I can get my A-1 C down if I just follow the regimen by eating right and exercise that she prescribes that I can lower it and also loose weight. So thank you Dr. Yee ❤️

   — Carol Polhill-Koonce Sheffield


She is one of the best doctors that I've ever seen. She's caring, attentive, and works with you to solve your health problems. The folks in the office have always been courteous and pleasant to deal with. That said, the phone system at Pascack Medical is one of the worst that I've ever encountered. The last time I called I was on hold for 35 minutes and that wasn't the only time that I waited an extraordinarily long time to get to talk to somebody. Most times I'm forced to hang up so I can try again later. My other concern is the check in procedure. You get a phone call prior to your appointment. They want to review you information as if you have nothing else to do. They can be a little pushy. Don't waste your time with the "Echeck in". They still call you in when you get there and want to review all of your information over again. They say "that none of the Echeck in is on their computer". FIX YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM. I can understand the covid questions and some preliminary queries but they've got to streamline the check in process. None of the other doctors or specialists that I see, and believe me I see quite a few, put me through this waste of time and effort.

   — Frank Vellozzi


Very attentive office and practitioner. Dr Yee is patient and assesses you with emotional intelligence. For sure recommend if you have thyroid issues.

   — Wei Zhu


Great doctor, always willing and patient to explain and answer my questions.

   — Robert Chan Wai Hong

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