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Dr Chung is an extremely caring and knowledgeable physician. He responds to all questions promptly and thoroughly. I highly recommend him!

   — Julia


Dr. Chung is the best rheumatologist in the area. He has helped me with my severe pain in my joints. He has great bedside manner and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a rheumatologist. Thank you, Dr. Chung! I’m so grateful for your care!

   — Ashley Kim


This doctor always has shown compassion and patience. He provides options to improve your condition and seems to exhaust all of the alternatives to make you comfortable. Highly recommend.

   — Eric


He listens to patients' grievances and provides friendly counseling. He's obviously a good doctor.

   — Claire Lee


As usual it was a good visit with Dr Chung. He is a caring professional and he remembers your issues between appointments which is very important to me.

   — Annette Tropila


Doctor Chung is a wonderful doctor with and has a relaxed, thoughtful and empathetic personality. He actually makes the patient feel that they are being listened to. I can't recommend him enough.

   — Joel Silverstein


I have been a patient of Dr. Chung for few years. He is so wonderful! I always feel that he really cares, never rushes, supports me in positive things I do for my health and quality of life but does not fail to straighten me when I slack off. I consider myself fortunate to have him as my rheumatologist. The office staff is very professional and efficient from checking in to checking out. The only problem I would mention is getting through to the receptionist over the phone. After trying fruitlessly for few times, I had to come to the office and make my appointment for lab work in person. But I have to say that once in the office, I received attention and very friendly attitude from the staff. Apparently this problem is due to understaffing. For me this is a minor glitch that does not take away from a great experience.

   — Natalya Kaminer


Dr. Chung is the best! He is knowledgeable, caring, supportive, understanding, pleasant, patient & thorough. Other doctors have commented on how thorough Dr. Chung is. Over several years after seeing many doctors, taking various test, physical therapy Dr. Chung was able to diagnose my illness. Thank you Dr. Jeff Chung

   — Kebra Cooper


Dr Chung is a wonderful doctor. He's always very pleasant, answers all my questions and I never feel rushed.

   — Kim Vallejo


Dr Chung is a patient and thorough doctor. No matter how busy he is he never makes you feel rushed. Took me 5 rheumatologist to finally get to the one who has helped me!!!

   — Dmh Nj


Dr. Chung has been managing my condition for many years. He's very caring and attentive. He was the one who was able to diagnose my condition after many couldn't. Great doctor.

   — Ghada A


I love this practice!! From front desk to the lab, Dr Chung is smart, very chill Dr. Chung answers all of my questions no matter how silly!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else!!

   — Karen Stern


Excellent bedside manner. Compassionate and professional. Highly recommend.

   — Kit Yiu


Dr. Jess Chung is the only rheumatologist I would consider seeing and his medical groups and its other specialists and staff are the most impressive that I have found in NJ. If you're in network from the N. Jersey area... Dr. Chung and his cohorts are the specialists you want help you manage your health.

   — Michael Benzaken


Dr. Chung took time to listen to me and gave sufficient information of my situation and proper advice. I felt very comfortable to speak with him.

   — Hiroshi Muto


Dr. Chung has been treating my polymyalgia rheumatica for several years. He has always been very effective in relieving my symptoms. He has suggestions for activities that are helpful to PMR patients. Dr. Chung is prompt and replies very quickly to emails concerning prescription refills, medical questions, etc.. He is a very warm, intelligent and respectful physician. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is suffering with conditions in which he specializes..

   — Kathy Bergquist


Dr. Chung accurately diagnosed and has managed my condition for many years. I never have to wait and he takes the time to listen to my concerns. I schedule my appointments ahead of time so I never have a problem getting the date and time I want. A few years ago I moved an hour away but continue to see him because I have never felt better.

   — Kathy Hlavaty


Extremely caring doctor- listens and responds to patient ‘s concerns

   — Debra Deradorian


I've been seeing Dr. CHUNG for over 13yrs. and he's the best Rheumatologist I know because he cares about me and my health and always answers any questions or concerns about my Health Issues and what to do to help me understand my illness and find a solution to ease some of my pain. Do thank you Dr. Chung for taking good care of me and just listening to me.❤🥰. Carol Koonce-Sheffield

   — Carol Polhill-Koonce Sheffield


I have been a see Dr.Chung close to ten years. He has been treating me for RA. I couldn't be able to live in comfort without him.

   — Grace McCarten Grace McCarten


I’m sure I’ve rated Dr. Chung already somewhere but this is the BEST rheumatologist you’ll ever see. So conscientious, caring, a true patient advocate, and knowledgeable on everything new and important!!!

   — Celeste Homaychak


Im an old time patient of Dr Chung. I can say that he genuinely cares for each of his patients. He's very thorough and spends time to listen and find solution to his patient's concerns.

   — Maria Nayan


Thorough, respectful, and courteous, even with his staff, which I often find lacking with most doctors. I appreciate his willingness to research solutions as well.

   — Liz Lamboy


He is a superb diagnostician who thinks outside the box.

   — Betty Toth


Dr. Chung is very knowledgeable & very caring! I recommend him to everyone! He will get back to you when you need an answer etc.

   — Nancy Rose


Just a great doctor. Not only is he very personable to deal with, he does the Dr. Marcus Wilby thing and actually listens carefully to his patients, something which is becoming rare in the era of HMO/PPOs. His bedside manner is superb and he evaluates your symptoms very thoroughly. Dr. Chung treats rheumatic diseases, including connective-tissue autoimmune issues like lupus (SLE), Sjogren's, rheumatoid arthritis (RA), etc. Even if he's not your rheumy, it's worth seeing him for a second opinion, just to make sure that he does his due diligence, kicks tires and agrees with your treatment regimen. All doctors should be like him.

   — Rumble 365


Dr Jeffrey Chung is a doctor from the past in that he takes time with the patient - I would recommend him 100 percent - Angela Hendricks

   — Angela Hendricks


Love him !!! He is so thorough and knows a little about natural supplements which I like in a doctor!!!! He takes his time with you !!!! I would love him to be my primary doctor !!!!!

   — Chris Ragusa


I had knees pain and went to Dr. Jeff after referral by Rosauro M. Aquino, PT. Dr. Jeff was very careful with regards to diagnosis and wait till the blood test results came back to tell me that I have got lyme disease for more than a year and prescribed an antibiotic for two months. Today, I have app and will have a blood work to see the results in two weeks or sooner!

   — Bader Alkhamees

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