Reviews for Margaret Co, M.D.


My husband Stanley has been using Dr. Co for over 20 years. She is amiable, professional. and supportive.

   — Paula Seegull


Dr Co is professional, thorough & knowledgeable. She always takes time to answer your questions and make sure she explains things completely. Dr Co even research’s info to get you answers. A great allergy doctor!

   — M B


Dr. Co is an outstanding diagnostician. She listened intently, was kind and thoughtful and provided excellent feedback. I would definitely recommend and see her again

   — Amy Pressman


Dr. Co is one of the most thorough Allergist and immunologist I’ve ever been to. She also spends a good amount of time with her patients.

   — David


I’ve been a patient of dr. Co’s for a few years now, and I’ve always received great, very personalized, and very attentive care. She puts a lot of effort into making sure you are getting the best possible results.

   — Olivia Cowie


I have been suffering from a facial fungus for the past five years and every dermatologist I visited simply looked through a database and offered a cream or ointment. Nothing worked until I met Dr. Co. Her approach was different - scientific by elimination. First, she checked for possible allergies over a period of a couple days and after eliminating any possible reaction from a litany of body lotions and shampoos, she finally nailed the root cause. Sorry I just forgot the medical terminology she used from Mayo clinic. The ointment she prescribed worked like magic. The facial fungus disappeared within a couple of days and my skin recovered. thank you Dr. Co.

   — Martin M.


Dr.Co is very bright. She really listens to your issues and does everything to resolve them. She is kind, patient and has gone above and beyond to see me ASAP either in person or via telemed when I really need her. I have and would continue to recommend her to my friends & family.

   — Francine Beckermeister


Appointment was kept punctual. Intake administrator was quick. Dr. Co was very attentive and listened to my symptoms, asked questions to help her diagnose my problem. Then she recommended a course of action. Excellent!

   — Ben Str


Dr. Co is knowledgeable and personable. She explains everything but also listens. The staff in the Emerson office (especially Clara) are very friendly too! I definitely recommend her.

   — Leanne


I went to see Dr Co to get allergy tested and it was determined that I have no allergies just a very sensitive nasal lining which makes my nose run constantly. I just needed a nasal spray which works great. She also suggested I get tested for a penicillin allergy that I've had all my life. It was such a relief to learn that I have no allergy to penicillin. Dr Co is so easy to talk to. She spent plenty of time with me explaining what the allergy tests would look like. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family.

   — Kim I Vallejo


Initial consultation: Dr Co very methodical and thorough, spent necessary amount of time to understand current situation to determine future treatment. Also periodic reassessment of initial determination is part of her methodology. Very satisfied with her care and view.

   — Cory Wong


Our appointment was kept on time. Her staff was proficient. My first visit to Dr. Margaret Co was very productive. I had suffered an asthma attack resulting in an ER visit a few days earlier. She heard all my symptoms, they were numerous. Prioritized and setup plan of attack. Prescribed the necessary meds to control my asthma to prevent another asthma attack episode. Since I felt my asthma attack was due to allergies. I never had asthma before. We setup a follow up to test for allergies.

   — Ben


She is the best

   — Jacid Soto


I’ve been going to Dr. Co for thirty years. She has always taken wonderful care of me. She always listens to my concerns and gives me advice and suggestions. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable Allergist.

   — Diana F


I have been seeing Dr. Co for allergy shots for over a year. She is very professional, helpful, and responsive to any issues I am having. I highly recommend her!

   — Dave W


I have had allergies all my life and have been seeing Dr. Co for over 20 years. She is always professional, concise, friendly and explains things fully. She has helped me with my allergies and my asthma and is always up-to-date on the latest medications. I can honestly say that having Dr. Co treat me for my asthma (as well as my allergies) is the best thing I could have done! My allergies are decreasing and my asthma is well controlled which gives me a better quality of life. I absolutely love Dr. Co and the care that she has given me over the years. I recommend her to anyone suffering from allergies or asthma!

   — Highly Recommend Dr. Co


Today was our last appt. with Dr. Co, who’s seen my teen through allergies and eczema and a worldwide pandemic. Throughout, Dr. Co & her team kept her on track, despite so many obstacles to a course of proactive care. By the time we met Dr. Co, we had been to many doctors for severe eczema & allergies. Not one had helped in any significant way. Dr. Co immediately diagnosed several issues the others missed, getting to the heart of the problem with treatments & sound advice. She is brilliant. I learned more in our first visit than in months of research. I happily recommend her often. Lately, I’ve been overwhelmed with surveys & reviews for the slightest service provided. But when I reflected on what a wonderful gift Dr. Co has been, I was sad to think I’d never taken the time to spread good news on the internet for a change. Dr. Co is a lifesaver. She gave my teen her confidence back, and the tools to stay healthy and on track as she goes off to college. I cannot thank Dr. Co enough.

   — Kathy C.


Dr. Co is a thorough and compassionate physician. She gives you all the time needed to tell her what's going on with your health and then takes the time needed to research and explain how she will best treat your ailment. Her care has had the most positive effects on my quality of life. I must also mention that her staff, starting with Melissa, is always friendly, welcoming and accommodating.

   — Carol G


Dr. Co is an outstanding professional who is committed to her patients. She is thoughtful, kind, and knowledgeable about allergens, triggers, and general health. I would continue to recommend her to anyone needing an allergist.

   — CML


Saw Dr Co yesterday for the first time yesterday for allergy/asthma symptoms. The visit was most enjoyable. Dr. Co was very thorough, patient and engaging. The session was very relaxed and not rushed. I was able to communicate my issues which she clearly took the time to understand. She reviewed my current treatment and proposed more effective solutions which made sense to me. I would recommend Dr. Co without any reservations.

   — Ray Merchant


Dr. Co is a wonderful doctor. She takes her time with you, she listens to your concerns, and explains everything thoroughly. She has been so helpful is diagnosing and treating my many allergies. I have, and will continue to, recommend her to anyone looking for an allergist. The office staff is very friendly and helpful as well.

   — D. Marino


She is amazing and very detailed oriented! Her staff is amazing! They were so friendly and nice too! I highly recommend her to anyone that needs to see a specialist for allergies! She is one of those doctors that really cares about you and spends as much time with you to explain everything you need to know

   — Anthony


I have been going to Dr. Co for about 4 years now & every experience I’ve had with her has been pleasant. She is very knowledgeable & takes care of her patient like a mom would. I appreciate that she takes her time to explain things. Every time I’ve had a reaction to the shots, she was quick to react with what needs to be done to treat it. I have never felt like I was in danger when taking my allergy shots. Staff is usually pretty nice overall; Melissa at the desk is personable. Though the nurses that administer the shots always changes & I have seen at least 4 nurses roll through the office during my time there. Each nurse was fine but I personally do not like the inconsistency/constant change of nurse. The phone system is not great. When I need to reschedule, I always dread calling because ANY TIME I try to reach the office, I have to jump through hoops. I understand that you can reschedule on an app, but sometimes something comes up last min & you can’t reach anyone live.

   — Pauline


Dr. Margaret Co has been treating my allergies for several years. She answers my questions completely and understands how allergies effect my well-being.

   — Long Time Patient


I have been going to Dr Co off and on for many years. She is a true knowledgible professional. On one occasion I went to about 3 Doctors who could not make a diagnosis. This included several visits to Columbia p without any success. Within 15 minutes I was diagnosed by Dr Co. I recommend her highly.

   — Dan Henry


Waiting times are very short. Dr Co listens closely to what information you are providing. Asks questions to ensure she understands. Provides medical attention to you. Is open and honest about the current situation. Dr Co is an excellent communicator.

   — Tom Corcoran


Dr. Co always takes time to explain everything relating to my medications and treatment. I would recommend Dr. Co without hesitation.

   — A. Erickson


I was very impressed with Dr. Co's professionalism. She treated me with dignity, and most importantly, she listened intently to my problem, and noting down all my concerns. She was able to give me information relating to my condition, worked with me on the best way to manage my condition and also gave me a copy of our session. This was important to me, as most Doctors will only do this if you ask them. Again I would recommend anyone who is needing a consultation for Allergies should consult with Dr. Co.

   — Kathleen Bedeau-Francis


Thank you to Dr. Co & staff! I went to Dr. Co about 6months ago about a skin condition. I am so pleased I found her. I knew when I got to the office I wanted information and a solution. I received both and more. She was attentive, kind, and human. I felt comfortable asking questions, and having an open dialogue. She recently called me, checking in and it was certainly appreciated.

   — Jennifer Garcia


Dr. Co has been caring for our family for many years. She is one of the most thorough and detailed physicians that we have ever had.

   — Steven Gessmann


I have been a patient of Doctor Co's for almost a year now. I usually visit the office twice a week for allergy shots. From the time that I first met her Dr. Co has been a pleasure to deal with. She is extremely kind and knowledgeable. She takes her time to explain what is going on and makes sure that you understand. She provides the best care possible and I'm grateful that I was referred to her.

   — Brian


I have been seeing Dr. Co for several years for allergy and asthma treatments. She is Caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and makes you feel like a friend/family member! Her expertise is unparalleled but more important her bedside manner and empathy result in wonderful patient support. Her staff has always been flexible with arrival delays day of and are also professional and personable. Thank you all!

   — S J Mandalakis


I have been going to Dr. Co for many years. She is extremely thorough and has your best interest in mind. Her office is friendly and efficient. Highly recommend her.

   — Thomas DeMaio


I have been a patient of Dr Co for many years. She has managed to keep my asthma under total control. As usual I had a thorough exam and do not have to see her again for 6 months unless I have an issue.

   — Edward Dixon


Super kind front desk staff, was seen pretty quickly. I came in with a lot of questions regarding my symptoms and received a lot of resources as well as options to navigate them. Overall great experience.

   — Ashley


Dr Co was excellent. She was professional yet put me at complete ease. She explained in detail everything she was going to do during my appointment and why. I highly recommend her.

   — C Ocasio


I began seeing Dr. Co several years ago on recommendation by my Primary Care doctor, Robert Levine of the Pascack Valley Medical Group. Dr. Co's first evaluation was comprehensive, as well as our initial consultation regarding the results. From that time forward I have been treated for allergies and asthma and both have been under control. I've also undergone periodic evaluations to monitor both conditions. Additionally, Dr. Co is an ultimate professional who listens to my concerns, as well as asks about my overall well-being.

   — Jean M Kenny


I have been seeing Dr. Co for over a decade and from the time she evaluated and treated me, I’ve been symptom-free. I was categorized as having severe allergy symptoms and my immunotherapy plan couldn’t have worked any better. I trust Dr. Co’s assessments and guidance and she’s truly made a meaningful difference in my overall quality of life. Dr. Co is not only an effective Doctor, but a caring and empathetic person as well.

   — Ryan M.


I have been going to Dr. Co for several years now. I have an immune deficiency. Dr. Co takes the time to go over all your conditions. She takes the time to explain everything in terms that you can understand. If you call with a problem, she always gets back to you as soon as possible. She’s also very personable and friendly. I highly recommend Dr. Co.

   — Keith D.


I am very happy with the service I get from Dr.Co. She is very knowledgeable, very thorough, very personable and doesn't rush you during the consultation.

   — E. Scripps


Dr. Co has been my allergist for many years. I have suffered from seasonal and environmental allergies since my early teens. Only after starting on allergy injections were my symptoms under control. My annual check ups with Dr. Co are very thorough and comprehensive. I trust her implicitly with my medical care as it relates to allergy and asthma. Everything is always explained clearly to me regarding my treatments. I have recommended many patients to her care and I have never heard anything but positive feedback from my friends and family I have referred.

   — Patricia McNamara


When our 16 year old son was diagnosed with EoE we were lost and confused. After research I learned that EoE is diagnosed by a GI but is best managed by an allergist. After quickly making an appointment, Dr. Co was a wealth of education about our sons condition. She was extremely thorough with reading the GI reports, asking questions and creating a plan. Dr. Co was also knowledgeable on the latest finding and medications offered for EoE. When one medication didn't work, Dr. Co had a second plan. Dr. Co and her office worked closely with our insurance and pharmacist to make sure our son was receiving the correct medication. She was outstanding with our several questions and concerns as we navigate this tricky diagnosis. Dr. Co is also very patient and kind with our 16 year old son.

   — Kim Von Tobel


I have been a patient of Dr. Co for many years. Dr. Co is very knowledgeable and has always provided me with immediate medical attention. The staff is very friendly and attentive as well. They provided me with immediate solutions to my needs and never let me down. I highly recommend Dr. Co and her staff.

   — Highly Recommended


I have been a patient of Dr Co for years. I suffer from chronic hives, sinus infection/bronchitis ,asthma and many allergens! Thanks to DrCo’s care all of my afflictions are very under control. She takes the time to listen to you. She gives you printed literature at your visit that pertains to what affliction you have. She always gives you written directions should you need multiple medications. She is just great! I always feel she knows the latest Information. Thanks to her I live a normal life with all my allergies.

   — Dmh Nj


Dr Co is a great doctor. I find her to be very thorough and knowledgeable. She answers my questions, keeps my asthma in check and is an excellent diagnostician.

   — Benjamin. Ludwig


Dr.Co has been treating me for chronic hives for many years with excellent results.. She is knowledgeable , caring and patient with any problems or questions I may have.. available promptly for any questions. The office is efficient, clean and very friendly and helpful booking appointments . I highly recommend Dr Co .

   — Dina


I have been going to Dr. CO’s office the past few years to get my allergy shot treatment done and my experience has been great :))

   — Sumaiyah


Excellent! I went to Dr. Co years ago for uncontrolled asthma. Dr. co helped me to manage my asthma and I have been almost symptom free for over 17 years, using only an emergency inhaler on rare occasions. Over the last 3 years I developed Psoriasis and sever eczema and contact dermatitis. I was to several doctors and finally found a dermatologist who helped me manage my psoriasis. After two years of flare ups and many creams and biologics I still was breaking out with painful skin rashes and psoriatic arthritis. I went to see Dr. Co in desperation. Dr. Co took blood work followed by skin testing . I tested positive for allergies to several different chemicals that were in my shampoos, laundry detergents, hand soaps and many products I was using. Thanks to Dr. Co. and a plan of action to eliminate and replace all products I was reacting to, by some miracle, my psoriasis have gone away. I am symptom free! I am on a non steroid cream to control further breakouts and I have

   — Gayle Benedetto


on time and very helpful

   — John Leber

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