Reviews for Mark Dombrowski, M.D.

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Dr Dombrowski works with me on my individual healthcare. I especially respect how he shares his knowledge and will always answer questions and concerns. Through so many different health events he has always been there to help guide my decisions. He establishes a relationship with the patient and that is why I have been a patient for so many years. Wonderful, caring doctor.

   — EMV


A combination of professional thoroughness toward the patient and real care for the person/his feelings/concerns

   — Peter Mayer


Very professional

   — Zacharias Vezos


He is professional, courteous and very knowledgeable.

   — Elijah Miller


Dr Dombrowski is possibly the nicest most caring doctor I have ever encountered. He takes the time to listen and answer all my concerns.

   — Thomas Beatty


It was very good the other doctor is very nice I needed blood work and had some questions which he answered to my satisfaction

   — Alice Hennigar


Professional, thorough exam with all questions answered and new information given.

   — Ann Daly


Dr. Dombrowski is friendly, courteous and very knowledgeable. He is also sympathetic and accommodating.

   — Tim Murphy


Dr. Dombrowski is wonderful! He listens to all my concerns and is patient and kind.

   — Stephani Kassis-Dikiy


great service

   — Dennis Madigan


Mark of excellence

   — Zack Vezos


Really helped out in a pinch!

   — Richard A. Watson


No complaints at all. The Doctor and his staff are top notch. Never an issue. I am very satisfied with the way they treat me.

   — Greg Hourdajian


First time, new patient - I am very pleased! Dr. Dombrowski and his staff were just really nice and very helpful during my appointment. He is very kind and patient and I appreciate that he took the time to talk to me in going over my medical history with him.

   — Beverly Preast-Carmichael


Dr. Dombrowski is very good, knowledgeable, and helpful. The practice is overly corporate and some staff are disregarding COVID precautions by working with their masks down below their chin. NOT acceptable. If not for the latter, would have given five stars.

   — Howard Fredrics


Always polite and helpful, very knowledgeable and doesn’t rush you. He’s a wonderful doctor

   — Marguerite Bogart


Dr. Dombrowski is a caring and thorough doctor, I feel at ease when I'm under his care. Dr. Dombrowski takes his time during my time with him and I never feel rushed. A fantastic doctor overall!

   — Martha Dickinson


A truly caring Doctor

   — Rafael Betancourt


As always Dr. Dombrowski & everyone in the office made my appointment seamless. Easy to talk to and provide information on exactly what is being done and why.

   — Mark Geipel


Just moved and was looking for a new PCP local in the area. Setting up an appointment was easy through Pascack Valley Medical Group's site as opposed to having to cold call offices. I went in for a physical and Dr. Dombrowski was phenomenal. He really took the time to check everything thoroughly and to have an actual conversation! I would absolutely recommend Dr. Dombrowski and his staff.

   — Daniel Wong


My visit with Dr. Dombrowski was excellent. I found him to be well informed and very personable. I appreciate that he took the time to explain things, and felt he was truly looking out for my best interest.

   — David Frank


Dr.Dombrowski is the best he is always honest and makes me feel comfortable I am grateful for him

   — Roy Shapiro


Cares for the patient. Listens and diagnoses well. Outstanding staff and communication and care

   — Tom K


The best.

   — Dave Bellizzi - 133731 Ray3939


Dr. Dombrowski is a gem. Unlike many doctors today, Dr. D. takes the time to talk with you and answers questions in an understandable and thorough way. He is warm, genuine and personable. By far, he is simply the best.

   — Eck3506


Dr. Dombrowski is very thorough in his examination and fully shares his medical knowledge to ensure his patients maintain good health

   — Frank Testa


Five stars-/ always. Going to see dr. Dombrowski is like going to see an old friend. Staff is also great!! Timely, caring, just good people!!!

   — Marsha Demarest


My visit to Dr. Dombrowski was a good overall! He took the time to listen to my concerns and gave me great feedback toward my options on what treatments were available! He’s having bloodwork done so we can rule out various problems that might be an issue! He’s very thorough and he’s easy to talk to! He makes me feel very at ease whenever I come to see him! I’m very happy to have him as my primary physician!!

   — William Mitchell


The practice is run very well. Dr. Dombrowski is an exceptional professional, patient, caring and totally dedicated to the welfare of his patients.

   — Traude Barbiero


Dr. Dombrowski has been my doctor for a long time and I am very happy for that, especially considering the current medical environment. He is very professional and is outstanding in providing the right level of detail regarding your medical situation, He also spends whatever time that is necessary to answer any questions. I could not ask for a better or more caring professional who always meets/exceeds my expectations!

   — Joe Aloi


Very professional!

   — Felizardo Suzara


I hate to feel rushed at the Doctors office, but it seems more the norm than the exception. However, Dr. Dombroski takes time with me and seems to have a genuine concern for my well-being. I really appreciate him.

   — Tim Drake


Very professional atmosphere. Easy to make appointments and speak with all of the staff. The doctor has hands down the best bedside manner in the business. I'd recommend anyone to go visit this office.

   — Till We Can't Frank Annicaro


Have used Dr. Dombrowski for several years haven’t had any concerns going to him, he is always courteous and helpful

   — Michael Cremin


Good Dr!

   — Barbara Callahan


I highly recommend Dr. Dombrowski. He takes the time to explain and answer any medical questions you may have.

   — Jody Torre


Dr. Dombrowski takes the time to listen to your questions and answer them. I highly recommend this office if you are looking for a new doctor or considering a change.

   — Jody Torre


Doctor is very understanding,listens well and is patient and cheerful. Kinda like a Boy Scout, only older!

   — Richard Palatucci


Friendly , efficient and knowledgeable. Clean facility with sanitizer available

   — Stan Umowski


He listens, discusses and has a plan. Friendly and knowledgeable.

   — Tony Scotto


It was great to see Dr. Dombrowski, he treats you like family. I have been a patient of Dr. Dombrowski for over 20 years. I was a patient of his when his practice was in Clifton and I lived in Clifton. We have both moved and now I am a hour away, but he is still my doctor.

   — Glenn O'Bryant


Painless and easy. Dr. Dombrowski and his Assistant very professional, friendly and efficient. Enjoyable appt.

   — Linda T.


Appointment on time. Patient overlap was minimal. Environment was obviously disinfected from the smell

   — Paul Cimino


21 years of excellent care.

   — J B


Good, informative meeting; answered all of my questions.

   — Stafford Horne


Dr. Dombrowski has been my primary care physician for a number of years, and he is the most diligent, caring, personable and thorough doctors I have ever known!

   — Colin


Dr. Dombroski is an excellent physician, who listens, questions, suggests and provides solutions to my ailments. I highly recommend him to my friends and family.

   — Mattea Truppe


Dr. Dombrowski is thorough, personable and a true credit to his profession! The best.

   — Colin Ungaro


Dr. Dombrowski is like the old-time doctor that is actually your friend as well as your physician. He takes time, listens to anything that you might have to say, answers all your questions in a non-rush friendly manner. Been seeing him for years. You almost hope you get a little sick so you can see him. Now that was a joke folks but you get the message. Will not hesitate to recommend him to all family and friends. Great doctor Thanks, Dr. Dombrowski

   — Joe Battaglia


Dr Dombrowski is an amazing doctor that will take the time to listen to your all your concerns.

   — Lance B


Mark Dombrowski is a professional doctor who truly listens to your symptoms and makes a diagnosis. I felt comfortable telling him about my symptoms and would recommend him.

   — Lena Safron


caring and concerned but referred to other doctors seemed strange since i was diagnosed ,on a prior visit, that i had type 2 diabetes without treatment !

   — Stanley Umowski


He’s the best if 10 is the the best well he deserves 10??

   — Claudette


Very professional, felt like he really cares and wasn’t in a rush to get to his next patient.

   — Jeff In Westwood


My first visit to Dr. Dombrowski and I am very impressed. He took his time to get to know me and we discussed numerous things. I truly felt like he cared and wasn’t in a rush to get to his next patient. He listened to all I had to say and made me feel like a person and not just a number. I’ve been to other doctors, doctors who couldn’t wait to run off and collect a copay. Or doctors who looked down their nose at me while I spoke. This is not Dr. Dombrowski. He uses a common sense approach and doesn’t quickly reach for a prescription pad to shoo me away. He addressed all my concerns and I left the office feeling like I am in good hands.

   — Jeff Hammell


Dr. Dombrowski adheres to his care philosophy with each and every patient. He takes the time to fully comprehend a patients medical needs and then, with the patient, a route to recovery and well-being.

   — A.D. Hembrough


Dr. Dombrowski is the BEST! He spends time with you, cares about you and knows what he's doing. I highly recommend him if you want a really good doctor!!

   — Margaret Puccio


My visit with Dr. Dombrowski was excellent. I found him to be well informed and very personable. I appreciate that he took the time to explain things, and felt he was truly looking out for my best interest.

   — David Frank


Mark Dombrowski is my favorite doctor. In an age where it seems we are rushed in and out of doctors offices, it is comforting to know Dr. Dombrowski will spend as much time as you need to evaluate and consult. He also follows up with a phone call. ( really!) I feel I'm in good hands with someone who cares.

   — Tim Drake


Dr. Dombrowski is an excellent doctor who has cared for me for several years. He listens, explains what is happening, and advises me to better health. I highly recommend him.

   — Truppe

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