Michael Seidner, M.D.

Michael Seidner, M.D.
4.6 out of 5 
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Dr. Seidner is board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 

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Dr. Seidner takes his time with his patients and provides excellent care. The staff is very professional and helpful. The office is clean and organized. I highly recommend this practice.

   — Farah H.


Beautiful clean and big office. Very polite, friendly and professional staff. So thankful for Doctor Michael Seidner, extremely professional. Very gentle and a knowledgeable doctor . Highly recommend

   — Kristina Skyler


Dr. Seidner’s consistent concern over the several years. Excellent dr.

   — Joan


Dr Seidner has been my doctor for over 20 years. He has always shown a true concern for my well being when I visit. He spends time with me asking questions about my health. I have never felt like a stranger ( because my visits are usually once a year) I had a friend who had neglected herself with keeping up with wellness checks. I knew she had a problem that needed immediate attention.She did not have a doctor to go to.She called the office and explained her problem , Dr Seidner had her come to see him the next day after she made the call to his office. He was able to do some testing and she indeed had a medical issue that did need immediate attention!,,, She is fine now because she got attention quickly! I have recommended Dr Seidner to my friends and they all are very satisfied with the care they receive from him.I was just at the office for my yearly check up and it is always a great experience.The girls at the front desk are also terrific!

   — Rae


I have been a patient of Dr Seidner for well over 25 years. He delivered all four of my children and I also had two miscarriages. He is such an outstanding doctor. My experiences with him have been amazing. He is such a caring, compassionate and friendly doctor. My husband was also a huge fan of his. They would joke around all the time. Dr Seidner is truly one of a kind!!

   — Maria Fasoli


I came into Dr. Seidners office with a major knot of anxiety, seeking for answers that my previous providers did not give me. I came out of his practice with an overwhelming positive energy after being shown that my health matters and the importance of exhausting all possible options. I am also a part of the medical profession and I can not thank Dr. Seidner for the compassion and respect I was given during this frightening time. He took the time to look over my results, explain them to me thoroughly, and discuss what the next steps/future would look like. I was always told that a team member always looks out for one another and I got to experience that first hand with Dr. Seidner. My biggest regret was not going to him initially. If you are feeling like you’re in between providers, let this be your sign to book your visit with his office. The care starts the second you walk in those doors starting with the front desk team. 10/10 recommend!

   — Jazmine Yanez

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