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They are much better after asking for some changes! I'm glad the front desk is better now.

   — Christopher M.


Met with Dr. Daud after my previous endocrinologist didn't take my concerns seriously. She was so nice and knowledgeable. Great bedside manner combined with vast knowledge. She was able to help me with all my concerns and was so sweet. I really appreciated it! :) totally recommend her for thyroid disfunction.

   — Nunya B.


I've read the reviews below.  To be fair...  I can only tout my overtures for the Endocrinology office.   Like many other industries, the healthcare  industry is "franchising" and incorporating multi-specialty practices into one building.  Old Hook Medical is no different. It's extremely difficult to find an extremely good Endocrinologist (can I get an Amen from my diabetics and ThyroidCa Warriors!?).  Dr. Daud was highly recommended by another fantastic Doctor of mine because my former Endocrinologist had moved to Cleveland and practices at the Cleveland Clinic for Endocrinology.  It's was a quite expensive long distance relationship to keep up and alas, we tearfully parted ways... Well maybe not her ... I was devastated because bedside manners, cordial/hospitable staff is not included anymore and is in fact a rarity.  The preceding reviews prove my point... Dr. Daud is one of the last Mohicans... Sans God complex... Stays abreast of her industry and calls you back.  She keeps you informed and really takes the time to explain what's happening and what she's going to do in lay men's terms! I can say I'm lucky and thankful to have her because it's misery going through a series of know-it-all blowhards who play Dr. Frankenstein with you, having you walk around with hot/cold flashes, hives and anxiety because they are pedaling the next new drug like the peanut guy at Yankee stadium!   Her staff is great and she is great.  Perhaps the rest of the building needs to take a page out her book. Also,... Dr Daud came from the Cleveland Clinic of Endocrinology and I've often wondered if these two fantastic ladies just happened to have filled the other's position.  This piece of information is important because she's top notch.

   — Lolita M.


I have been going there for many years and I am shocked to see the low reviews I think the staff has always  treated me well I  show my insurance card No bills  and the nursing staff are amazing . Call you back with results and seem very interested in our you feel  PLUS There is so much available in one building  No need to go anywhere else ..

   — Lorenzo J.

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