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Dr. Levine earned his Medical Degree at Georgetown University, after which he completed training programs in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology at George Washington University. Dr. Levine has advanced training and expertise in the technique of endoscopic gallstone removal from the bile ducts. He enjoys all aspects of Gastroenterology and is especially passionate about the doctor-patient relationship. He believes it is central to the practice of healthcare and is the foundation for the delivery of high-quality care in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. He has been named One of America's Top Physicians by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.

 Dr. Levine is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine in Gastroenterology.

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Dr. Robert Levine is a doctor's doctor. He is a skilled physician who listens to his patients, and sets them on the right course of treatment. Very caring as well. Paul Adler

   — Paul Adler, Esq. (Paul Adler, Esq.)


I came in and I was extremely nervous and concerned about my situation. Dr. Levine was great with both me and my wife, answering all questions, giving very helpful feedback and putting both our minds at ease that everything would be ok.

   — Raymond Lomupo


Dr. Levine performed an Endoscopy for stomach issues I am experiencing. During the follow up visit he took time to explain Barrett's Esophagus and the different levels of dysplasia with it. He was very patient with my questions and concerns and put me at ease with his assurances. He prescribed medication to address my condition and ordered an gallbladder ultrasound. He didn't rush me during the office visit which was a pleasant surprise. His office contacted me promptly when results were posted for biopsy of esophagus and ultrasound of gallbladder.

   — Joseph Buzzetta


Dr Levine is wonderful I'm so glad I found his office.

   — Stephani Kassis-Dikiy



   — Kelly Begen


I don’t usually do this type of stuff . But Dr. Levine has been by far the best gastro interologist by my area in my opinion . He listens to me and it’s not a 1 minute come in by take ur medications . Dr Levine is compassionate and caring . Patients that are truly suffering are at least being helped out (in accordance to my situation ) I suffer from IBS-D along with major excessive heartburn acid reflux . I’m a young man I wanted to just be heard and treated with the care I deserve . Dr Levine is almost like familty to me they won’t just give you a “band aid” dr Levine and his team care about the patients that a truly suffering. Along the way I stopped multiple medications that were for my mental health . And focused on my chronic visceral pain and kept every thing to minimal because I’m so young I don’t want to be on medications . The feeling of having a relationship with a docter thag I know no matter what he will and absolutely try I’m everything in their power to make you feel at ease in life. Just even that it’s self helps me a lot compared to not having anything at all . I’ll leave it at this me and my docter also have the same first name robert . So once I first met him and I knew in heart he cared about me in absolutely compassionate matter . If I could give more then 5 stars I would . I recommend docter levine for problems caused by ibs which a life long condition I bare with . If dr Levine was never there I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now . Patience is key and having a open perspective . Now I can at least get around and at least kind of get a grip on my pain I changed my diet gluten free etc . And I’m a college student I don’t make a lot of money. Dr Levine pays attention because he knows who truly suffers or not . I recall one time in the past I went to my appontment to see dr Levine .i was ready to give up stop taking my medication and stop the services because the pain was so bad I couldn’t even sit on my char i can’t even wear tighrer jeans or use a belt because my stomache is so sensitive I get throbbing pain jsut from that . And I refuse to take medications that I don’t need, I’m too young. Just need the few medications that actually at least help me so I can work get back to my daily and forget even the fact I haven’t this as bad as I get older it begs worse. Another reason I know Dr. levine also is the best for me because he knows my situation all of a sudden insurance doesn’t covett it counter Prilosebll One When it was we ccan’t get it for cheap through my medication Script 3$ but over the counter is like 10$ .. I inform him and he immediately changes it to am

   — Robert Evan

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