Reviews for Sanchita Gupta, M.D.


Dr. Gupta is very thorough in her review of notes from my previous annual exam, as well as to review summaries from other physicians I had seen during the year. This reenforced my understanding of my overall health. She explains clearly the purpose and course of treatment of a medication. Her in office examination and followup EKG, blood work completed my sense of receiving good care.

   — Alice Marcus


Dr. Gupta is an outstanding physician who takes the time to learn about her patients. She is extremely knowledgable and genuinely cares about your health.

   — Edith Banks


Dr. Gupta is absolutely wonderful! She's thorough and caring. The staff is also wonderful especially Linda who was extremely kind. I'm grateful to have found such an amazing doctor and staff!

   — Tiffany Colombini


Such a nice facility and nice staff! I was in need of a new GP and feel lucky to have found Dr. Gupta. She was thorough, so knowledgeable, kind and relatable. I can't remember the name of the nurse that took my vitals and assisted with an EKG, but she was also the nicest person! We talked and laughed through stories before going through my vitals, which really helped to keep me smiling throughout the whole exam. I'd recommend Dr. Gupta and her staff to anyone!

   — Lauren M.


Dr. Gupta is personable, listens and is proactive with my health care needs. Great physician and would recommend her to anyone who wished to be seen by a kind and compassionate person. My only complaint is mask mandates. Stop with the silly masking of people. Masks don't work so why are people of science still clinging to such political theater?

   — Joseph


Dr. Gupta is a very good physician who is proactive with my health concerns. Unfortunately, there is still the silly mask mandate in place when all of science has determines the that efficacy of masks are, at best, minimal. Scary how those who are "science" professionals still buy into this madness. Where is their courage to stand up for what is true in the face of hysteria propagated by a corrupt CDC, NIH and the sycophantic media.

   — Joseph


Love Dr. Gupta!! Been going to her for quite some time. She has great bedside manner and is kind and caring! Overall a great doctor!

   — S A


Dr. Gupta is a competent and concerned physician. She was through in conducting my yearly physical exam. She was incisive with her comments, analysis and recommendations. It's most encouraging to meet with a true professional!

   — Martin Sinnott


Dr. Gupta is a great listener and can be trusted with your health needs. She is intelligent and knowledgable about both conventional and holistic medicine. I have recommended her.

   — Lisa Corbellini


Dr. Gupta is amazing she actually listens, is attentive and gives excellent advise for all your medical needs. Dr Gupta is also a very pleasant and friendly person and an excellent physician. I feel blessed to be her patient!

   — Gina


Dr Sanchita Gupta is great. She's professional. She always takes to the time to listen to your issue. She has patience. I highly recommend her and her office staff!

   — Sue Oliver


Dr Gupta, RN Linda and office manager Denise are always very professional, approachable and kind. Dr Gupta will always take her time to do a thorough evaluation and will never leave anything out.

   — Christelle Millet-Robinson


Dr. Gupta is always understanding, compassionate and makes me feel at ease every visit. I always feel better mentally and emotionally after seeing Dr. Gupta.

   — Lisa Rodriguez


I recently saw Dr Gupta for several issues and she showed concern and addressed each one. I am 73 years old and felt completely satisfied with her explanation and treatment for my health. My daughter recommended her to me and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doctor that takes your concerns seriously and thoroughly discusses each one. I will not have to look for a doctor I feel confident with anymore.

   — Mary Cianci


Approachable, really listened to me, great conversation, checkup, and follow up process. Very kind, professional and knowledgeable.

   — Jennifer Williams


Dr. Gupta gives you her time and attention. She listens and then offers suggestions on what to do next. Very friendly and easy to talk with. Thorough and efficient.

   — Joanne M.


I was transitioning doctors from NYC to NJ. I was lucky to find Dr Sanchita Gupta such a knowledgeable, good humor, good hearted MD, very very patient to hear your issues & always available to answer whatever questions you have. She has wonderful staff too especially Linda, who are always helpful. I recommended her to friends already.

   — MTB


Dr. Gupta is great! She listens to you, cares for you and makes adjustments if needed. She covers all basis. Easy to make a appointment and always available!

   — Shana Darius


Dr. Gupta is the nicest and most thorough doctor I’ve ever seen. She is very caring and compassionate.

   — M. DiVita


Dr. Gupta is an excellent and caring MD. She takes her time, is compassionate and is truly a credit to her profession. I’ve been going to her for years now and am completely comfortable and confident with her care and recommendations.

   — SAE


Thanks to Dr. Gupta. She is very professional, kind and delicate in dealing with me. She is my favorite doctor and I would not change her for any other. He examines everything and is always aware of me. God bless her.

   — Franklin Mercedes


Dr. Gupta is caring, takes her time and listens first and solicits feedback. Keeps me on track. Moved 40 minutes away and still prefer to go to her. Truly cares about her patients. Her assistant Linda is also caring and compassionate.

   — Chris R


H as ve been seeing doctor Gupta for many years. She and her staff are incredible.

   — Antoinette Iommetti


I've been going to Dr. Gupta for a few years now and I'm very happy with her. She listens, doesn't make you feel rushed, and takes care of her patients. She's also personable. Anytime I send a message through the health portal, her office staff responds promptly.

   — M J


Dr. Gupta is a caring and thoroughly knowledgeable physician. Her office is run smoothly and efficiently and I recommend her to anyone.

   — Cara Greene


I visited Dr. Gupta for the first time. She was pleasant, on time and took the time I needed on my visit. She is a good listener and very clear in her explanations. I was so impressed with the fact that she made the call for my physical therapist to take care of my issue. I highly recommend Dr. Gupta!

   — Xiomara Paredes


Dr. Gupta is a skilled doctor who always puts patients first. She answered all my questions patiently and doesn’t rush her visits. Plus, she has an amazing personality and friendly demeanor that made me feel at ease. The office is clean, well organized and it is easy to schedule appointments. Test results are delivered via phone and by their online portal so it is easy to obtain copies of your medical tests/labs. I would highly recommend Dr. Gupta as a primary doctor. Now, they offer telehealth visits as well which makes life so much easier with Covid and a busy family life.

   — M JM


Dr. Gupta was a great doctor! She answers all the questions and provide thorough information!

   — Priya Rengarajan


Conscientious physician, excellent bedside manner. Have been a patient for several years, always knowledgeable and attentive.

   — Luz Moncayo


First time visit. Everyone was warm, friendly and most importantly, professional. Dr. Gupta was thorough while making me feel like a long time patient. I would definitely recommend to anyone needing a physician.

   — Bryan Pivar


great doctor rating ten on a scale of 1-5



This was my first visit with Dr. Gupta. She is wonderful! She is very thorough and explained everything as she performed her exam. She is a VERY personable doctor.

   — Lorene Stampone


I was very happy with my appointment because we covered many things

   — Susan Cairns


Excellent and thorough in all respects. I highly recommend Dr. Gupta.

   — Lawrence De Paris


I was lucky to find Dr Sanchita Gupta, she is very knowlegeable at what she does. She listens and cares to every detail of my health issues. I would definitely recomend her. I have already told several of my co workers who are looking to find a great doctor.

   — Isabel Rose


Dr. Gupta is outstanding! She is caring for my 90 year old mother. Dr. Gupta is high tech hi touch. She listens and follows through. She is a a well read, experienced, very competent and caring physician. My mother and I are so grateful to her for the comprehensive care she is providing Sincerely, Tanya

   — Tanya Raggio


Very attentive MD. Cared about me and was kind as well.

   — Celeste Homaychak


DR. Gupta listens carefully while discreetly observing the patient's physical condition. She is friendly but professional. She is not rushed.

   — Patrick J Mulry


Bergen Medical is lucky to have Dr. Sanchita. She is compassionate and knows what she is doing professionally. Her treatment and knowledgeable advice helped me.

   — Johnson Thomas


Dr Gupta is the best doctor! (& Linda, her Ridgewood office nurse is the best too!) She always listens intently and explains things back to me! Available via portal on same day and/ or she or her nurse call me back same day! Dr Gupta takes time with me, is very friendly and professional! Never rushes!! 10 + rating from me!!

   — Yvonne Anderson


This doctor saved my life during the pandemic. She’s knowledgeable on all issues concerning my health. Her kindness has gotten me through many tough circumstances. Bergen Medical is so lucky to have her on their staff. Michelle Cohan

   — Michelle Cohan


I have been Dr. Sanchita Gupta’s patient for years now, and I would whole-heartedly recommend her to others. Dr. Gupta always has promptly diagnosed my medical problems and then provided the solution. She listens to what her patients have to say, more than any other doctor I’ve met.

   — Diane Steenwyk


Dr. Gupta is very a very competent doctor. She's good at what she does. She is an excellent listener, and takes into account my opinions and concerns. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a doctor who actually cares.

   — Jack Krajian


Very friendly, smart & nice.

   — AM


Dr. ran on time, was very helpful & smart. Office staff was friendly.

   — AI


Very good, very thorough doctor.

   — JB


I was very happy with Dr. Gupta. She's very kind and sweet, and takes her time with her patients while being very thorough. She's also very knowledgeable and takes time to explain things to her patients. All while running very close, if not directly, on time. I've seen my fair share of primary physicians, but I can honestly say she's my favorite. I recommend her to everyone.

   — JC


Doctor and staff were very nice.

   — Victoria P.


Very caring, straight-forward and most importantly helpful.

   — Andrew K.

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