Reviews for Veena Desai, M.D.


Dr Desai has been my physician for quite sometime now . She is excellent at what she does and very thorough . I vouch for her .

   — Jaskaran N


Staff is very polite & friendly. Dr Desai is wonderful!

   — Laurie D


Dr Desai is a great general practitioner. She speaks quickly but not because she's rushing you. When I switched to her a year ago she gave me some leeway in how we addressed certain things until we knew each other a little better. I had a stroke a few months ago, so now I have several other docs all claiming a piece of me -- but I am very very comfortable with Dr. Desai overseeing everything.

   — Sean


Dr. Desai is an Excellent doctor. Shows lot of concern about general health and improving health. Her instructions are clear and she suggests the appropriate intervention for each abnormal result. Always on time.

   — David Paul Raj


Dr. Desai has been my primary care physician for over 10 years. She really listens to me, understands and provides great advice/recommendations and feedback. I trust Dr. Desai with all my medical needs, which becomes a greater concern as I get older.

   — Robin John Culleton


Dr Desai is the best. I've been seeing her for the past few years and she is very patient, a great listener, very knowledgeable and has never failed to help me solve a medical issue or concern. My husband who is a physician recommended her to me as I wanted a female primary. Highly highly recommend.

   — Tara Mansouri


My office visits have been good with no problems.

   — Anna Bocellari


Dr.Desai is a great doctor she’s very proactive, has great bedside manor, she actually listens and is thorough. She has been my PCP for over 7 years. I would recommend her to anyone.

   — Jean Van Dyk


The Medical Staff in the ER and Cardiac unit were terrific. However the nursing staff on the overnight shift left a lot to be desired. I realize it’s a Hospital but this was overnight in the Cardiac Unit. It sounded like there was a party going on at the nurses station all night long, every night. It is not my intention to demean their abilities only to point out that they were noisy and inconsiderate of the patients.

   — Dennis Flynn Sr


I find the appts to be too quick. I often can’t even go through my questions that I have prepared. .

   — Ania Schwartz


Dr Desai is great.. all attendents are great too. Very thorough and kind. Never spend alot of time waiting or for anything.

   — Ed Laamanen


I’ve been seeing Dr.Desai for several years and feel lucky to have found her. She is smart, calm and treats everyone respectfully.

   — Mary Lyons-Kim


Dr. Desai is just a great doctor that covered EVERYTHING during my yearly physical. Thorough, professional, AND charming. I called her several times in the last two years via telemedicine and all went well. One of the best. I recommend her to all my friends.

   — Carmen Ein


Great doctor who cares for her patients and takes them in on time, never rushed. Truly talks to you and takes care of your needs for whatever illness or check-up you're there for.

   — Janak Desai


Dr. Desai is attentive, thorough and thoughtful. I've seen so many doctors in my lifetime and she is by far the best ever!

   — Chuck Privitera


Dr. Desai is very thorough and takes her time during each visit. She listens to your feedback and answers all of your questions. I have nothing but positive things to say about her.

   — Nicole Olsen


Dr. Desai is among the best of amazing young doctors. She takes into account your whole health profile and makes recommendations to see a specialist if needed. But the best thing about her is that she is a truly nice person. Who listens. Really listens and really helps. You'll want her for your primary care doctor at your first visit.

   — KeepingItReal InNJ

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