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Dr. Cantor reminds me of the idyllic doctor on BBC's "Call the Midwife." He's a skilled physician but just as important, he's caring, unhurried, friendly, respectful, and good-humored. Possibly the most impressive and likable doctor I've ever encountered. As a bonus, his office seems to run on time--I experienced no wait.

   — Jeff Burger


Dr. Cantor is a very caring and thorough doctor. He diagnosed my issue and set me on the course to recovery. He knows what he is doing and he called the next day to follow up. A definite gem of a doctor. Oh and to add his office stays on time!! dp

   — D Pro


An exemplary healthcare professional who demonstrates a genuine commitment to his profession and the well being of others. Their dedication and passion for helping people go beyond mere economic considerations. Grateful for their compassionate and heartwarming approach. We need more individuals like this in the medical field. Thank you for your outstanding service

   — Bryan Melo


I had an excellent visit with Dr. Cantor. He is easy to speak with and very knowledgeable.

   — E3506


Went to his office for vertigo and was feeling very nervous . I left feeling back to my normal self. He is caring, patient and calming. He put my mind at ease and helped me right then and there! I was practically crying when the appointment was done. He is truly the best!

   — Elaina DeVardo


Successful outcome of procedure performed in office. Dr. Cantor is very personable and reassuring.

   — Doc P


Dr. Cantor takes the time to listen to your issues. He understands how frustrating it is when you have a chronic problem. He does not over prescribe meds! He is kind and compassionate and has a wonderful sense of humor. I love him and his staff! I love that he's in the Pascack Valley Group - so convenient. Easy to get appointments with minimal wait time.

   — Beverly Carmichael


Dr. Cantor is a great ENT Specialist. He is compassionate, knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. He is passionate about his care of his patients. He listens, makes an assessment and explains his recommendations/actions very clearly. I love him and his staff. He is a rare find in today's medical jungle.

   — Beverly Preast-Carmichael


Excellent clinician. They don't come any better.

   — Cesar Nolasco


I have visited Dr. Cantor numerous times; since I am a singer, and he is an avocational singer, he understands my needs and "complaints" better than any other practitioner I've met. Not only is he a remarkable diagnostician, but he also explains the exact reasoning behind his findings. He always has the time for "just one more question." And I always leave his office reassured that I am in the best of hands.

   — Susan Cohen DeStefano


My first experience w Dr. Cantor and cannot stress enough how pleasant and caring he was. I wld recommend his practice to everyone

   — Malina Newman


Excellent! Keep up the good work.

   — Antonio Komotar


helpful and kind.

   — Stephanie Morales


Dr Cantor has many years of knowledge and is Great Physician

   — Michael Spiotto


Dr Cantor was professional and helpful to me. He recommended that I wait a year or two, but then get hearing aids for myself. A wise choice indeed!

   — David Luke


Dr.Cantor and his team are friendly, helpful and efficient. The doctor is extremely knowledgeable and clearly explained how he arrived at his diagnosis and what medication he was prescribing for it Unfortunately, it appears that my condition is likely to recur intermittently, which is a source of worry for me.

   — Susan Cohen DeStefano


Dr Cantor, in addition to being a great doctor, has a very warm and soothing manner. A total pleasure to be his patient.

   — Leslie H


Dr. Cantor was able, within two weeks, to diagnose, give the best medications and truly take the time to review my extensive ENT history. He is a caring, compassionate doctor, who loves what he does - evident by how his passion for healthcare is administered to his patients. If you need a great ENT doctor, you will find this greatness in Dr. Cantor.

   — Beverly Preast Carmichael


Dr. Cantor is an excellent doctor….caring…knowledgeable supportive..,

   — Adele F.


Dr Cantor is a true pleasure! He is pleasant, professional and always able to diagnose and treat without a multitude of unnecessary diagnostic testing. I highly recommend him to all family and friends

   — SuzanneChayt


Very polite. Dr Cantor explained the procedure and results very well.

   — Lee


Dr. Cantor provides excellent care and will explain options clearly.

   — Marsha Fleischner


Dr Cantor is a great doctor. He is caring and takes his time with you

   — Kimberly P.


Have recommended

   — Karyl


Professional, great staff, on time and efficient

   — JordanB


Dr Cantor is a kind, caring, empathetic and knowledgeable professional!

   — Leonard Kaye


always professional.... and patients know he really cares about them ! Thank you Dr. Cantor

   — Wendy


Thank you, Dr. Cantor, for sharing your time and expertise with me! I appreciate very much your clear, detailed description of my diagnosis.

   — Carolynn Cageao


Dr.Cantor is so practical and He really knows his business.I will always look for him and trust him for any problems with my ear nose & throat.Richie

   — Ricardo M.


Dr Cantor has a wonderful bedside manner and is extremely thorough. I highly recommend him.

   — Gerry


I have known dr cantor for several years He has helped me out tremendously

   — Kimberly Pizzanelli


Knowledgeable and caring

   — Lorraine Oettinger



   — WHN


I am always so happy that I was able to see Dr. Cantor and start feeling better. I have been a patient for over 40 years and have always been satisfied with his medical expertise. I recommend him to everyone and am so thankful that he is there in times of need.

   — Donald Otterstedt


I have been going to Dr Cantor since mid 80’s. He is by far the best Dr I know. He is brilliant and helpful and very very kind.

   — Christine F


I have been treated by Dr. Cantor for thirty years. He is quick to diagnose and takes the time to explain and recommend proper treatment.. He is the best in this very specialized field!

   — Diane Fink


I have been going to Dr. Cantor for years. He is the only doctor that I have found that can control my allergies. He is a life saver!

   — Gerardo C.


As usual for the last 18 years, Dr. Cantor examined me thoroughly and prescribed a perfect regimen to cure my laryngitis infection. Then we discussed problems related to our hearing and aging. He is the best doctor I've had ever.

   — Nancy


Excellent doctor. You will not find a better doctor in his field.

   — David Huber


Dr Cantor has treated 3 generations of my family. Mother, myself, and my children. He is a superb diagnostician and a wonderful problem solver. He diagnosed a condition of mine that was missed by three other doctors. He has successfully taken care of my daughter who was born with medical difficulties. He has not lost a step over the years and he his still my doctor of choice.

   — KL


I have been his patient for 40 years. He removed my tonsils, operated on my sinus, and treated my vertigo as well as just caring for ear infections, sore throats and sinus infections. I think he is a fantastic diagnostician.

   — LR


The doctors are good and the waiting times are about 10 minutes. It's also very convenient because there are a lot of specialities under one roof. I saw their endocrinologist, Dr Daud, who is exceptionally sweet and caring; their podiatrist, Dr Goldstein, who is very friendly and knowledgeable; and Dr Ko, who I also recommend.

   — Mgiobatta

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