Reviews for Yitzhack Asulin, M.D., MSc, FACS, FACOG


Dr. Asulin saved my life. He is caring, passionate about his patients care and takes his time to get to the root of your issues. He is extremely bright and well versed on all modern medicine. I highly recommend him to friends and anyone out there struggling with female related difficulties.

   — Joe B


I will always remember Dr.Asulin with gratitude and admiration. Over the last year I was seen by 2 surgeons, both from very reputable hospitals in NY, with the plan for hysterectomy due to a fast growing fibroid. Because of scheduling and insurance issues with those 2 hospitals, I had decided to see Dr.Asulin who was highly recommended by my friend and … I believe it probably had saved my life. The symptoms that I and doctors attributed to my fast growing fibroid were also caused by the end stage endometriosis and severe pelvic adhesive disease. To remove adhesions from organs and walls of abdominal cavity, most surgeons would go for a huge abdominal incision which of course implies a significant blood loss and prolonged recovery. Dr.Asulin did it via robotic laparoscopy leaving me with a few tiny scars. Here I am, 6 weeks later, going back to work in a few days. Once again, I am forever thankful to this amazing surgeon and his team at Pascack Valley Medical Center for what they have done for me. I try not to think about what could have happened if I went to another doctor.

   — M P


I have had Hysterectomy 4 years ago with Dr. Asulin. Best experience ever. Since then, I’m Dr. Asulin’s patient and He is taking such an excellent care of my health. He is very diligent and very professional. I highly recommend Dr. Asulin as a great doctor in the women’s health service. Always thankful to Dr. Asulin.

   — Blerina Bytyci


After visiting so many doctors that couldn't help me and that kept on telling that it was all in my head, I was ready to give up, but then I found Dr. Asulin about 8 years ago and I won't go into details, but just wanted to say that he changed my life by helping find the root cause of my medical issues. I will forever be thankful for the help that he provided me.

   — Cindy E.


Magnificent Gynecologist and a great Surgeon has operated on me 2 times and I am delighted I recommend it

   — Elizabeth Alarcon


I got a bladder lift done by this doctor and a hysterectomy done through robotic surgery. The results are amazing and they could not have done a better job. I feel like a new me after getting this procedure done. Thanks to their great care, I have completed a healthy and awesome recovery. They have great personell and are very attentive as to how you are feeling and demonstrate that they do care much about their patients. I highly recommend this place if you are thinking of getting a bladder lift done or anything done!

   — Barbara Brattole


Dr Asulin is the most dedicated, caring doctor I have met. He saved my life!

   — Yuls Oh


Travel all the way from Elizabeth to englewood… that’s how good of a doctor he is !

   — Daisy Jaimes


Simply the best and all staff members super nice thank you for changong my moms life !!!

   — Barbara Brattole


Dr. Asulin was an excellent doctor. He preformed a major surgery on me and was professional , he healed me. He preformed the surgery at Holly Name in Teaneck and I couldn't recommend both the doctor and the hospital enough. He opened up his heart and healed me from months of pain. Don't think twice when searching for a specialty doctor.

   — Randi B.


Exelent doctor tha best, he is very human person... thank you so much doctor 👍👏😘😘

   — Esther Taveras


Dr. Asulin and his staff is always so kind and patient with their time. When i was looking for the best OBGYN expert, I got many recommendations to see Dr. Asulin. I am very happy with my choice.

   — AdvocatGroupRealEstate BuySellHouses


Every time I met with Dr Asulin I did not feel like I'm meeting with a doctor. I felt like he was taking care of me like a daughter. He was never busy consulting papers or charts, Dr Asulin always focused on me as a person. He sat with me until I was ready for him to walk out the room. I never felt him being in a rush to attend to anyone else. This was the case with every appointment, through surgery and post surgery. I cannot believe how amazing Dr Asulin is and how lucky I am to have him be my doctor. His staff is also amazing and patient no matter how busy they are. The hospital Dr Asulin chose to do surgery was also a fabulous experience. I highly recommend going to Dr Asulin for the best doctor and patient care.

   — Chana Feldman


Dr. Asulin is the best doctor so heartwarming , friendly, and SO caring. I'm posting this from my own experience. I went to his office for something that looked to be abnormal a bump. A couple of doctor visits and it turned out to be fibroids and were going to be removed. During the Dr. Asulin's procedure of removing my fibroids which was done robotic (so much better) a couple of small incisions made the doctor had come across a large ball inside that was attached to a blood vessels. Long story short it was a VASCULAR MASS (mine was the size of a tennis ball) in my uterus which is known to be very rare. If I would have prolonged the surgeries I probably wouldn't be here at this very moment. Dr. Asulin SAVED my life. So if you see any abnormalities go check your self out.

   — Cristy Soto


For years I had a growing fibroid that had already reached a 10-inch diameter and was only getting bigger. My primary doctor told me that I should get it surgically removed, yet almost every doctor I spoke to told me that they would have to perform a large vertical abdominal incision to remove the fibroid. I refused to have such an invasive surgery that would lead to a long and painful recovery. Luckily this year, after doing more and more research about the possibility of having the surgery done robotically, I thankfully found Dr. Yitzhack Asulin. Practically no one wanted to operate on my very large fibroid with these more modern, robotic methods but Dr. Asulin assured me it was possible. Dr. Asulin was very professional and kind and called to answer any questions I had. The surgical coordinator in his office, Kadie, was also very accommodating and helped answer many questions I had and helped make me less nervous. I had my surgery two weeks ago and am so grateful that I went the total robotic surgery route to have my hysterectomy and remove the fibroid. I was able to walk the very next day after my surgery and am recovering well. Thank you, Dr. Asulin! Do not let doctors tell you that open surgery is the only way, robotic surgery is just as safe and is a much less painful option!

   — Anna Tuder


I felt that from the first day I walked in the office it was extremely clean and, the ladies at the front desk were very professional. Now Dr Asulin he has such an amazing spirit. High positive energy extremely professional and walked me through every procedure that he performed in his office from beginning to end. I never felt rushed

   — Andria Hooper


Dr Asulin called me directly to discuss my situation. He is caring, direct, provides details and takes time with his patients. His staff is great too!

   — Victoria Bragin


The doctor is the entire family . He did a surgery 3 years ago and never had a pain again ! Human being before a doctor ! Totally recommended ! Just be patient we always wait but is worth it !

   — MS Cleaning Service


Very professional, pleasant. I owe Dr. Asulin my life. I recommend Dr. Asulin to any woman. Thank you.

   — ES


Pleasant office staff greeted me today. I had a short wait of 15 mins to see the doctor. My visit was very good, the doctor took care of my issue and the nurse helped me to complete the paperwork needed for tests. The doctor was very gentle and made me feel comfortable and confident of my care.

   — NC


Dr Asulin was very knowledgable able to answer all of my questions and my partners, being first time parents, he was very patient and caring. He did an excellent job at making us feel free to ask just about anything. His assistants were also able to assist us with any concerns we had. They took their time with our visit, we spent a decent 20-30 mins speaking to the doctor. I'd totally recommend Dr. Asulin and his lovely practice.

   — PG


Very professional and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable with the doctor.

   — AK


Phenomenal doctor and staff, very kind and compassionate!

   — MG


He was an excellent doctor!

   — Young Jee L.


I absolutely adore and love Dr. Asulin!!! I came to him back in 2010 with hope to help me figure out why I was gaining so much weight and no explanation. As soon as he looked at me he said to his nurse lab work and vaginal ultrasound. PCOS indeed it was ! I recommend him 100% after two years of treatment I was able to get pregnant naturally❤️❤️❤️❤️

   — Claudia Olivera


Dr Asulin is great doctor/surgeon, love his bed manner and his wonderful connection with his patients, his office in englewood is very pleasant, thanks to Clara his medical assistant for her attentions, great service and going the extra mile for me. Thank you to his NP Beatrice she is wonderful and dedicated. I will highly recommended Dr Asulin.

   — Merida S.


He is very professional. I suffered from PCOS and I had a gynecologist that only treated my symptoms and then sent me to fertility specialist. Within the first 2 months of seeing Dr. Asulin, I got all sorts of testing done, lost 15 lbs on RX, and then got an HSG done. Turns out that I had a blockage in my tubes. I am very hopeful I will soon achieve my hearts desire. First God and after I would say I do trust Dr. Asulin. New staff is on point with getting approvals.

   — Tasha Green


From the day when I first came to Doctor Yitzhack Asulin's office for a second opinion about my surgery, I was so impressed with the amazing expertise, professionalism and care of doctor Asulin, his nurses and admin staff. I knew that day that I was in the best hands ever for a very complicated surgery that was to be performed using the minimally invasive technology, da vinci robot, which allows for incredible precision during surgery and speedy recovery. What also impressed me is that Doctor Asulin really takes time to do all the necessary diagnostic tests, so everything can be addressed in one surgical procedure vs. multiple. The surgery was performed at the Hudson Regional Hospital. The admission process was flawless, Doctor Asulin, another surgeon, his assistant, whose name I can't recall unfortunately, the anesthesiologist, the OR nurses, all worked like a team, once again making me feel at ease and confident that everything was going to go well. My only worry was about the robot - that it does not run out of power :))) just kidding. I spend the night at the hospital and was given a private room with the beautiful view of the river and the City's skyline; my husband was allowed to stay with me and the nurses taking care of me after the surgery were super-competent and caring. One nurse I want to recognize especially is Chelline Lichtenberger and, of course, Doctor Yana Golubitskaya, who examined me prior to discharge and was like a breath of fresh air. The words can not describe how grateful I am to Doctor Asulin who is truly the most brilliant doctor and surgeon, his staff, Doctor Yana, nurse Chelline and a great Hudson Regional!

   — Ella Suponitskiy


Very thorough, professional. Staff is courteous and compassionate.

   — Inot R.


ares about his patient great Doctor

   — Yeisy Batista


Thank you for your advice. Spent time to explain about my kidney stone. Again thank you

   — Abe P.


I am a new patient. Went in early. Got my paperwork done. Got seen right away. The doctor and medical assistant are very professional and super friendly. It was such a clean environment, and really spacious. I think I finally found a great doctor.

   — Ashley M.


The 5 stars are for Dr. A. I love him. He is AMAZING. He’s brilliant. He’s funny. He’s calming. He doesn’t rush you. Takes as much time as he needs with you to explain whatever is going on or to try to figure it out. (That could explain why the wait time can at times be lengthy. But trust me he is worth it) However. Trying to get the office on the phone or them to call you back is a whole other issue. After surgery a couple months ago I couldn’t even get a call back from the nurse (who I also give 5 Stars). Idk if the messages don’t can’t transferred to the back. Or what the issue is. And I also know I am not the only one who has this issue with them!! Currently, I’ve been in horrendous pain. I have 3 conditions both of which have no cure and are chronically painful. For over 10 days now I’ve been trying to contact them. I actually spoke to someone 10 days ago. Told them my issues. Said dr was at the hosp. They would page him and Bc of the impending storm it might not be till the day after. Well it’s 10 days later and nothing. I’ve called 4 x since Monday or Tuesday. No answer. Left a couple more messages. I waited a few extra days because of the storm. But this is ridiculous. In the medical field you need to have it together and run the office as a unit. You need to respond to patients in a timely manner. Especially ones who are in distress. Especially in the gynecology field. As is all the staff I’ve had contact with- in office. I’m not trying to be rude or bash. But It’s just really upsetting bc I don’t doubt that this will start costing Dr. A patients if a change doesn’t happen. And that would be awful for him bc he’s one of the best drs I’ve ever had.

   — Ashleigh Campora


My friend in the medical field recommended Dr Asulin as a brilliant doctor. Not only did my surgery went smoothly, he and his staff are genuinely caring people. I'm never rushed off the phone or through a conversation. They are Informative and truly concerned of the welfare of the patient.

   — Joan Del Greco


APN was great and dr. Asulin was awesome. Super thorough and has an amazing personality. Great bedside manner and sense of humor!

   — Ashleigh C.


Great doctor! Have been going to him for years. Very thorough and he really cares about his patients.

   — Sonia Perez

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