Reviews for Zahid A. Farooki, MD


I have been a patient of Dr. Farooki's for many years and have been so pleased with the treatment I received. My husband is also a patient and it was Dr. Farooki who diagnosed kidney failure. Thanks to him my husband promptly began treatment and was able to get a kidney transplant. His entire team, nurses, office staff, etc. are friendly and helpful. I travel from my home in Rockland County so I can remain with Dr. Farooki's practice!

   — Debra Zallo-Pragdat


Dr. Farooki has the holistic way to treat patients. He explains what’s going on, even the referrals are with amazing practitioners like him.

   — Rosa Franco


He is kind and patient and sympathetic to all your questions.. always has a solution.. you leave feeling better.. the staff is always helpful.. new office is good.

   — Cyndee Kirpalani


He is an excellent doctor who listens to the patients and provide good and appropriate care.

   — Mansukh Patel


Dr Farooki is an exceptional doctor who listens carefully to all concerns and answers in a thoughtful and thorough manner. I am very happy with the care I have gotten and feel lucky to have such a great doctor. His office staff is wonderful as well and always helpful when I call.

   — TL


Dr Farooki is Siri experienced, intelligent empathetic and kind doctor. He makes and takes time to listen and diagnose the health issue!

   — Pomina


the best service around

   — Elias S Haber


thorough examination.

   — Michael Nemeth


I have known Dr Farooki many years. His expertise and compassion is first rate. He is thorough, patient, responsive and conscientious. He quietly addresses any and all concerns. I have found his staff also to be highly efficient and friendly. High marks all around

   — W. Landers


Dr. Farooki has been my Doctor for over 20 years.. Anytime i have an issue he responds ... Basically there is no second place for his great services - First all the way .. His staff is equally the best also..



Excellent doctor, always addresses your concerns in a professional manner.

   — Gregor J Tarring


Humble always helpful and cooperative , takes extra care , wonderful doctor and person

   — Mirza Zakir


Dr. Farooki has been our primary physician for many years. This month I saw him for an annual physical examination which was overdue for one year because of the pandemic, He was totally friendly and personable, as usual. His examination was thorough, exhibiting caring and good judgement. I thanked him for all the help he has been for my wife and me.

   — Hewitt Jeter


Dr. Farooki is caring, knowledgeable and helpful. The efficiency of the office is truly lacking. I was there for my annual exam. I had to ask if I should fast. I had to ask when there if they needed a urine sample. I reminded the nurse and the Dr. 3 different times to renew my medications. This was not done. I had to call 3 days later to have it accomplished. This also occurred last year.Thus the 3 star rating. I went recently and Dr. Farooki is wonderful. He focuses on you and is extremely knowledgeable. My only complaint is that last year, I never received a call regarding test results. Let's hope this time I get a call about blood work results.

   — Joanne Cavera


Dr Farooki has always been a very caring and personable doctor. He spends time with me and has al says been very understanding. I have been his patient for many years. My partner and I love seeing Doctor Farooki!

   — Willy Kare


Excellent Physician, always pleasant and timely. Provides answers to my concerns and makes positive recommendations. Have been seeing him for over 50 years!!

   — Gregory J Tarring


My son recommended dr Farooki when I moved in this area.He is great,always listen and is taking time to explain every condition.

   — Doina J.


I have been patient of Dr. Farooki for last 30 years, he is a very good doctor. Also front desk staff is very helpful I can recommend to anybody who needs a good care. thanks again

   — Saroj Dalia


Dr. Farooki has a friendly and comforting demeanor. He immediately gains one's respect and confidence. He is also direct and forthcoming, and anticipates questions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to family and friends.

   — Wm. Kelly


Dr. Farooki is an amazing person, very compassionate and caring. He'll alwasy listen carefully and pay attention to details. I agree with the review belwo, stating that he'll always go above and beyond normal treatment, and will ensure that all concerns and questions are clearly addressed

   — Kris


as usual his abilities and caring for us was wonderful...he is simply the best...

   — Roberta Papale


Absolutely the best!

   — Clay Cassell


physician.He He gets to know you and what

   — Bertha Weil


Always takes time to listen to Patients and with first dose of The meds he prescribe we feel better. We have been going to Dr.Farooki for the past 40 years.

   — Lalitha


Thorough Great follow up Overall great Dr

   — Donald Powers


Great experienced doctor. Excellent bedside manner. Takes the time to listen to his patients. Personally follows up.

   — Effie Skordilis


AWESOME BOYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay he gave me cookies

   — Rose Brick


DR. Farooki I found to be a very kind and knowledgeable . Even though I was there for a pre op exam a thorough one was performed. he asked a lot of questions and also enjoyed a good conversation

   — Wayne Lang


Dr. Farooki has been my Doctor for over 20 years.. Anytime i have an issue he responds ... Basically there is no second place for his great services - First all the way .. His staff is equally the best also..



Dr. Farooki has been my doctor since over 35 years, he is very good, caring and very good with his skills. Explains whole process of illness and treatment. Also want to mention all his staff is very helpful especially Felicia knows most patients and treats very well. thank you all.

   — Bharat Dalia


Compassionate care

   — Debra S


My name is Joanne (60 years old). I have been a patient in this group for 25 years. I have been seeing Dr. Farooki for approximately 3 or 4 years. I think he is a very intelligent, personable and professional doctor. Dr. Farooki listens to your concerns and works with you to best deal with the problem. I recommend him highly.

   — Lil Chilly


I have known and been a patient of Dr Farooki for many years, as well as other members of my family. I have always found Dr Farooki as caring, insightful, highly competent and professional. Of special note is he takes time with his patients. He is very attentive. I would recommend him to anyone.

   — William Landers


Dr. Zahid Farooki is very good doctor. He treats patients very well. Remebers patients history. medications and what works with patients. I never have to go to him twice for same illness or symptoms. I highly reccomend him

   — Bharat Dalia


He's been my primary doctor for 30 years! kind, gentle man.

   — Gayle Matthews


Absolutely the best!

   — Clay Cassell


Dr Farooki has been my primary physician for years and I have no plans to see any one else. I live in Florida and come to see him yearly

   — Robert Buck


Love Dr. Farooki and his staff! You couldn't ask for a more patient, knowledgeable doctor! He is the best and more doctors should follow his lead! His office staff are wonderful too! Great job!

   — Heather L


Dr. Farooki is an awesome doctor! I have been a patient of his for almost 40 years.  He always eases any anxiety I have regarding my health.   I trust his diagnosis and treatment and continue to use him as my primary care physician.  I just wish some of his office staff could be a little more compassionate when dealing with his patients.

   — JoAnn G.


Dr. Farooki is caring, knowledgeable and helpful. The efficiency of the office is truly lacking. I was there for my annual exam. I had to ask if I should fast. I had to ask when there if they needed a urine sample. I reminded the nurse and the Dr. 3 different times to renew my medications. This was not done. I had to call 3 days later to have it accomplished. This also occurred last year.Thus the 3 star rating.

   — Joanne Cavera


Super experience, super friendly and super organized It’s amazing to feel very close to your doctor and his staff and office management, it’s make me sure I’m in good hands

   — Habib Daniel


Dr. Farooki has been my Primary Care Physician for more than 30 years. He always listens to me, gives me medication to make me feel better and he is always concerned with the whole person getting well, both mind and body. I would very highly recommend him to any adult.

   — Irene Yasso-Cifarelli


Annual Check up

   — Shahid Zaheer


Dr. Farooki is a true professional with a great staff. He will answer all your questions and concerns and is always there when needed.

   — Marc A.


Awesome, best Dr. in the world.

   — Perla Argenti


One of the best primary care physician you can get. He is knowledgeable and caring. He has been mine and my families. PCP for more than 20 years. We have never found him to be wrong in his diagnosis.

   — Nav Satara


An INR test and he checked my lungs

   — Rosemary Ward


Dr. Farooki is a patient, understanding doctor. I think he is exceptionally gifted at listening to his patient. He always listens to my concerns and answers my questions. I would absolutely recommend him to any family member or friend.

   — Joanne Seroka


Dr. Farooki is a wonderful doctor. The staff at the Closter office is amazing and friendly.

   — Susan K.


Best Doctor...No one is better than Dr. Farooki and his staff..

   — Joseph Farrell


Detailed examination by a caring physician.

   — Thomas McTigue


Absolutely would recommend him to others! He treats my whole family.

   — John Defina


Very friendly staff. Dr Farooki is the best doctor I have been in this area. He takes his time to listen to your problem. No rush rush job.

   — Shahid Zaheer


Never had to wait too long to see the doctor. He listens intently and explains his diagnosis in simple layman's terms.

   — Riz


Love Dr. Farooki! He is so patient, very knowledgeable! More doctors should follow his lead!

   — Heather Loll


thorough and promt and very professional

   — Lawrence Rufo


He is a wonderful & very kind doctor

   — NIkkI Manwarren


Dr. Farooki is an outstanding doctor!

   — Chris Diaz


Dr. Farooki is the kindest, most caring, and thorough doctors around. His office staff are also outstanding. A great practice all around!

   — Christine WD


Dr. Farooki is very thorough, friendly & patient. His office staff is also the best!

   — Amanda Watkins


He is a great doctor. The bleached blond in the front desk is evil beyond compare. She will cause you harm if she can.

   — Chris


Best doctor. Dr. Farooki is extremely knowledgeable and kind. He takes his time listening to your issues. Highly recommend

   — Usman Ch


Dr.Zahid is knowledgeable, caring and down to earth. He knows the problem and provides the best solution. I would definitely recommend him as your family doctor.

   — Adnan Ahmed Hashmi


wonderful and caring doctor

   — Noushin Ghajari


I’ve been seeing Dr. Farooki for a long time and he also is the PCP for my immediate family. He is thorough, kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable! Would highly recommend!

   — Lauren Diore


Great family doctor!!

   — Chandra M


I have been seen him for over 10years, he is excellent, attentive, compassionate and above all he listens. He's never in a rush. I highly recommend him.

   — Anthony In NJ


I have been going to Dr Farooki for many years.  He is a very kind and compassionate doctor who has been in practice for decades.  Yes, his office is not new but dirty as one reviewer said?  Not in my experience.   Dr Farooki is YOUR doctor.  No revolving door from a group.  For me, it's important to develop a relationship with my health professional so we get to know each other well.  My health history is more than what's on a chart.  I feel that a doctor who knows you well can treat you better. Dr Farooki is "old school" in that he listens to you.  He is a terrific diagnostician and does not order unnecessary and expensive tests.  No razzle dazzle here but what you get is excellent health care.  Isn't that what it's all about after all?

   — Barbara W.


Great doctor

   — River Edge, NJ


Outstanding Doctor. He will take the time necessary to thoroughly review you medical problems and will also follow up. A consummate professional physician.

   — Daniel S.


I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Farooki when I woke up sick one morning and I was able to get an appointment that morning! I was a first time patient there and I will definitely come back again. The staff was incredibly sweet and accommodating, and the doctor himself was fantastic. He listened to my concerns and found a treatment option was right for me. Parking was also easy (street parking right outside). Yes, the building/office was old but when I go to the doctor I don't really care much for the interior anyway. I go to get checked out and given proper medication, which I received.

   — Sheila A.

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