June 30, 2017

Managing Diabetes in the Summer

Tips for Staying on Target

Summer brings a change in routine for many of us, along with the chance to enjoy warm days and outdoor recreation. People with diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2, have special challenges when the temperatures soar. High temps can change the way your body uses insulin and because the disease can damage blood vessels and nerves, your sweat glands may not function as well as they used to. Here are a few tips for staying well this summer:
• Stay hydrated with water and other permitted, caffeine-free liquids. Avoid alcohol.
• Ask your endocrinologist or primary care provider if you need to test more frequently when the weather is hot. More information gives you more control.
• Insulin pump users may find that perspiration can loosen the adhesive attaching the infusion set to the body. Check frequently and keep the area dry.
• Store your meters, strips, and insulin in a cool place but NOT in the freezer.
Remember, heat + humidity = a dangerous combination for anyone, but particularly for people with diabetes. Take extra precautions to keep yourself safe while you enjoy the summer season. For excellent diabetes management, see our skilled, experienced diabetes team.