September 22, 2023

Take Control of Your Pain: The Importance of Pain Management

In September of 2002, Pain Awareness Month was established by the American Chronic Pain Association (ACPA). The goal is to raise awareness and educate the public regarding the issues surrounding pain and pain management, removing the burden of stigma associated with those living with chronic pain. With this in mind, here at Hackensack Meridian Pascack Valley Medical Center, we remain focused on taking an individualized, multidisciplinary, and personalized approach to pain management.

“Pain doesn’t have to control your life. It is important to set goals with your physician and start achieving them by working together as a team,” said Danielle Groves, M.D. a physiatrist and pain management specialist of Pascack Valley Medical Group. Dr. Groves is board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Physiatry, also known as physical medicine and rehabilitation, is a branch of medicine that is dedicated to the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal and neurologic disorders. These types of conditions can lead to pain and functional limitations that may impact your everyday life. Our physiatrists Danielle Groves, M.D. and Nicole Brand, M.D, provide non-operative care for orthopedic, spinal, neurological, and musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Our patient-centered approach is focused on improving patient’s function and quality of life with conservative treatments, including detailed and customized rehabilitation plans, selective injections, minimally invasive procedures, and equipment such as bracing.

Specialties include the following;

·       Diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of orthopedic, spinal, neurological, and musculoskeletal conditions

·       Pain management

·       Customized rehabilitation planning, exercise prescription, and injury prevention

·       Electrodiagnostic studies

·       Fluoroscopic-guided interventional spine procedures

·       Diagnostic musculoskeletal ultrasound and ultrasound-guided injections for painful joint, tendon, ligament, nerve, and muscle problems

·       Regenerative medicine (i.e. platelet rich plasma injections)

·       Orthotic (bracing) evaluation and prescription

·       Holistic care – treat the whole person, not just the problem area

Don’t allow pain to dictate and control your everyday life. Your body will not give up on you, if you don’t give up it. Learn to eliminate or better manage your pain by visiting and schedule your appointment today.