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Take good care of your feet so you can stay active throughout your life.

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Many people, particularly women, endure foot pain because they believe nothing can be done about it. A comprehensive foot evaluation by a podiatrist can lead to treatments or aids such as orthotics that can dramatically decrease foot or leg pain and help people become active again. Regular foot care is essential for people with chronic conditions such as diabetes or peripheral vascular disease in order to avoid or delay the onset of complications.

Dr.Sutera is board certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery in Foot Surgery. 

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Met Dr Sutera during an emergency visit in Pascack Valley Hospital. Had to have serious, scary surgery. She made it all seem very easy by comforting me, explaining everything in understanding terms, showing extreme compassion and performing flawless surgery. I highly recommend Dr Sutera. And I thank her, and her staff, for going above and beyond for me.

   — Kathleen NJ


dr sucera is wonderful. she is knowledgable and totally on target. I am so happy I have her as a physician. she is tops

   — Denise Wilder


Visited Dr. Sutera who's partner was recommended to me (he wasn't available). I went into my appointment uncertain about the Dr. but quickly became very comfortable in her ability to quickly assess and diagnose my case and discuss next steps. She was knowledgable, decisive, confident and forthcoming with her assessment, and took precautions to rule out anything else. (I didn't have an injury or feel pain, just some discomfort, but my foot pad was completely swollen and surrounding area purple and discolored). I had x-rays done right there in the building, and she reviewed those results with me immediately, providing next steps clearly. She was easy to talk with and answered every question. I would totally recommend her based on my 1st visit.

   — Mary L


Dr. Sutera and her staff were thoughtful and welcoming. She took the time to listen to me and she also explained her plan of action. She made me relieved that I was getting help and it felt like a safe space. I’m happy to have gone to her office and I wish I had done it sooner.

   — Patient Blue


Caring and competent

   — Herb


Dr. Sutera checks my feet and performs a cutting of my toenails on a regular schedule as I am a type-2 diabetgic. The doctor is friendsly and professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Sutera.

   — My Visit With Dr, Sutera.