William Cantor, M.D., FAAQ-HNS

4.7 out of 5 

When my patients can hear again or can walk without balance issues, that’s a great day for me.

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William Cantor, M.D., FAAO-HNS, obtained his medical degree at Seton Hall College of Medicine in Jersey City, NJ. He completed his residency training for General Surgery at Graduate Hospital located in Pennslyvania and completed his residency for Otolaryngology at both Boston City Hospital and Jefferson Medical College Hospital.

Dr. Cantor is board certified in Otolaryngology by the American Board of Otolaryngology. 

Featured Reviews



helpful and kind.

   — Stephanie Morales


Dr Cantor has many years of knowledge and is Great Physician

   — Michael Spiotto


Dr Cantor was professional and helpful to me. He recommended that I wait a year or two, but then get hearing aids for myself. A wise choice indeed!

   — David Luke


Dr.Cantor and his team are friendly, helpful and efficient. The doctor is extremely knowledgeable and clearly explained how he arrived at his diagnosis and what medication he was prescribing for it Unfortunately, it appears that my condition is likely to recur intermittently, which is a source of worry for me.

   — Susan Cohen DeStefano


Dr Cantor, in addition to being a great doctor, has a very warm and soothing manner. A total pleasure to be his patient.

   — Leslie H


Dr. Cantor was able, within two weeks, to diagnose, give the best medications and truly take the time to review my extensive ENT history. He is a caring, compassionate doctor, who loves what he does - evident by how his passion for healthcare is administered to his patients. If you need a great ENT doctor, you will find this greatness in Dr. Cantor.

   — Beverly Preast Carmichael

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