November 06, 2017

Let’s Start a Healthy Relationship

Coordinated Care

These days it can be tough to find time to do everything we should do and still leave time to do things we’d like to do. Health is one of those things. Everyone wants to be healthy and stay that way as we age. Often we feel OK but wonder what’s going on inside.

The best way to find relief for that nagging feeling is to establish a healthy relationship with a team of healthcare providers who cover all the angles. A solid primary care provider relationship is the best place to start. That provider will become your team leader and guide you to the screenings and tests that will provide the answers you need. Let’s assume that all is well – blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol are all under control. Now, you can breathe easy and decide what screenings you need in the future. Your healthcare team will advise on screenings for colorectal cancer, breast/pelvic cancer, or bone density. Your team’s goal is to set you up for a healthy future.

Now let’s suppose that some test results came back “out of range”. Your primary care provider will refer and work with the specialists you need wherever they are. Whether you need an endocrinologist for diabetes management, a cardiologist for an irregular heartbeat, or a podiatrist for your aching feet, our primary care providers will coordinate your care.

This is tomorrow’s medicine today – healthcare professionals working as a team to provide care. With multiple locations and providers, we’ll do our best to meet your schedule and help you meet the future in YOUR best health.